PATTAYA: Staff at risky locations being advised to note the appearance of culprits and getaway details to assist the police. The police chief has ordered more armed units to secure key facilities such as ATMs, gold shops, convenience stores and petrol stations.

Pattaya Police are adopting a proactive policy in policing during the current emergency. They believe the current situation may be driving a rise in crime in the resort city. Armed police are currently briefing staff of most at risk outlets and increasing the visibility of police. It follows the robbery of a 7 Eleven store in Banglamung yesterday when an armed robber got away with just ฿5,000 in an early morning raid. 

Armed Pattaya police brief the staff at the local 7 Eleven in Banglamung which was robbed on Thursday morning. The armed robber escaped with only ฿5,000 but senior Pattaya Police are concerned that the current emergency may force people in straitened circumstances into such acts.

A lone gunman robbed a 7 Eleven outlet in the Banglamung area of Pattaya on Thursday. Police attended the scene of the stickup led by Deputy Chief of Banglamung, Police Captain Manot Thipvej.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning at approximately 4.30 am. The robber was wearing a red patterned shirt, was 160 cm tall and was carrying a blue bag.

7 Eleven store at a petrol station

The store was located at a petrol station adjacent to the main road. The main witnesses to the incident were staff at the convenience store.

Police immediately set about trying to identify and locate the culprit on foot and using CCTV footage.

The incident has heightened police concerns that the current economic shutdown may be contributing to an increase in theft and robbery in the resort city.

Pattaya police chief has ordered a heightened and armed police presence to deter crime

The Police Chief in Pattaya, Colonel Khemmarin Phisamai, has given orders for a stronger and more visible police presence at convenience stores, gold shops, ATMs and petrol stations in the city.

This is to include heavily armed officers as a deterrent to criminals.

Officers briefing staff at stores and outlets

Police are also briefing staff at risky locations that are still open to the public. They are asking them to note getaway vehicles and other details associated with raiders.

Officers are also advising staff on how to respond to such an incident so as to assist the police in apprehending the villains, but more importantly, to ensure their own safety.

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