German with waking impairment told police that the woman gave him a hearty hug after helping him on his way to a restaurant. He only discovered he had been robbed when he went to pay the bill.

Another foreigner has been robbed on the streets of Pattaya. On Tuesday morning, it was a German man using a walking stick to aid his mobility who was the victim as he made his way to a local restaurant for something to eat.

55 year old Arno Schuldt who uses a walking stick to get about, filed a complaint with Pattaya police on Tuesday at 1.30 am after finding his wallet with ฿3,000 was missing when he went to pay his restaurant bill. He told officers that a woman had helped him to walk to the restaurant and gave him a hug.

A middle-aged German with walking impairment claims that he was robbed by a person he described as dressed like a woman in the early hours of Tuesday morning while making his way to a restaurant for a bite to eat.

Cynical robbery took place early on Tuesday

55-year-old Arno Schuldt attended a Pattaya police station at 1.30 am on Tuesday to report the incident which occurred on Klang Road in the Bang Lamung area of the city.

German used a walking stick

The Geman man explained to police that he was using a walking stick to assist him as he made his way to the venue.

He told officers that an individual dressed as a woman offered to assist him. When they reached his destination, his guiding angel even gave him a hearty hug. Mr Schuldt told police that at that point, he understood that the person was simply doing a good deed and thanked her.

Discovered his wallet was missing when the bill came

He then went into the restaurant where he ordered his meal. It was not until he was presented with the bill that he realised that his wallet in which he had ฿3,000 had been surreptitiously removed from his person.

That is when he realised that he had been robbed

Police are reported to be viewing CCTV camera footage from the area leading to the restaurant in an attempt to identify the culprit.

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