An investigation has been launched into the incident in which the tourist lost ฿50,000, his credit cards and wallet. It happened on Pattaya’s beach in the Bang Lamung area of the city on Wednesday and was later reported to the main police station at 10 pm.

A Canadian, who uses a wheelchair, had his wallet and credit cards stolen from him on Wednesday by a Thai woman who stopped on the beach in front of the Mike Shopping Centre in the centre of the holiday resort. Police are trying to track the woman using CCTV.

46 year Candian Ryan Boomer together with his care assistant 21-year-old Wanchai Chinpheng attended at Pattaya Police Station on Wednesday to file a complaint after the Canadian tourist, who is wheelchair-bound, was robbed on the main beach earlier.

A 46-year-old Canadian man who uses a wheelchair was robbed in Pattaya on Wednesday while at the beach in the Bang Lamung area of the resort city.

A complaint was filed with Pattaya police at the city’s main station by Ryan Boomer at 10 pm after the incident occurred. Mr Boomer was accompanied by his 21-year-old Thai helper Wanchai Chinpheng.

Thai caregiver brought the Canadian to the beach

Police were told by Mr Wanchai that he had brought his Canadian employer to the beach on Wednesday. The Thai man left the foreigner alone for a brief interval while he used the public toilet.

Sometime after he returned, the Canadian asked him to fetch a beer for him. That is when he discovered that his wallet with cash was missing.

Canadian told police he was approached by a friendly Thai woman while alone on the beach

Mr Boomer told police that, in the interval, he had been approached by a Thai woman who seemed friendly and overly familiar.

He suspected that the woman had taken his wallet which he told police contained ฿50,000 in cash as well as his passport.

Hired the 21-year-old man while in Pattaya

Mr Boomer told police that he had hired the 21-year-old Thai man, Mr Wanchai, to assist him on his vacation to Pattaya as he needed a wheelchair to get about and was disabled.

Thai man asked the woman to leave

A police report on the incident revealed that it occurred on Beach Road in Pattaya in front of the Mike Shopping Mall.

Mr Wanchai is reported to have returned to find the Canadian man chatting with the Thai woman who looked to be between 30 and 35 years of age. 

The Thai caregiver asked the woman if she knew the Canadian personally and she replied that she did not. Mr Wanchai then asked her to leave. The woman then left the scene.

Wallet containing ฿50,000 was taken from the back of the Canadian’s wheelchair while on the beach

While retrieving money for the beer, the Canadian noticed that the wallet, which also contained a range of credit cards, was missing from a pocket at the back of his wheelchair.

Police officers in Pattaya are checking CCTV footage in front of the large shopping centre in an effort to identify and perhaps track the culprit.

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