UK man Ben Frost’s 5 days stay in the popular resort city sees him already behind bars at Pattaya Police Station facing two charges.

A pigtailed UK tourist is behind bars in Pattaya after committing at least two thefts after only arriving in Thailand the day before New Year’s Eve.

Senior Thai police officers talk with Ms Chanida Muangsak whose motorbike was stolen by the just-arrived Brit, Ben Frost (inset) on December 30th. The UK tourist is now being held in custody by Pattaya Police on two criminal charges of theft.

A 39-year-old UK man who came to Thailand on a holiday shortly after Christmas has been arrested by Pattaya Police on foot of a court warrant on theft charges.

Ben Frost, a pigtailed UK man with an unkempt appearance, is being held by Pattaya police who are prosecuting him for two known instances of theft.

Motorbike owned by local photographer taken

The UK man came to the attention of police days ago when a local photographer who works with a tour boat operator, reported that her motorbike had been stolen. 

30-year-old Chanida Muangsak first spent hours looking for her vehicle after it went missing on December 30th, the day before New Year’s Eve.

The busy photographer had left the motorbike parked near Soi 5 on the Beach Road in Pattaya. Her bike was later stolen by Mr Frost at around noon that day.

Lawbreaking visitor identified from CCTV footage

This later became apparent when police retrieved CCTV footage which showed the bearded and moustache Frost wearing a baseball cap driving off on the vehicle which had Chonburi plates.

The Thai woman had been alerted by locals that a foreign man had driven off on her motorbike. After searching for the man, she finally lodged a complaint with police.

Kind-hearted Thai man went off to buy him a drink only to discover that the UK man had stolen his wallet

Her complaint, lodged at Pattaya Police station was quickly followed by a complaint from a kind-hearted Thai man who went off to buy a beer for the foreigner in the early hours of New Year’s Day only to discover n his return that his wallet, important documents and mobile phone had been whipped by the man who had earlier made his acquaintance as he sat drinking in a beer bar on Pattaya Sai 2 Road. The Thai man’s wallet contained ฿900 in cash.

In custody as police prosecute him for the offences

Police Colonel Khemmari Phitsamai, the Pattaya Police Superintendent, briefed the media on the crime spree by the UK man on Saturday the 4th of January. He disclosed that police had quickly identified the lawbreaking UK tourist and the applied for a court warrant to arrest him.

After his arrest by police, Mr Frost refused to acknowledge his role in the crimes until confronted by police with CCTV evidence. He is now being held in custody while charges are processed against him before the Pattaya Provincial Court.

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