Mystery of a Dutchman who disappeared leaving his wife behind and a car containing cash, gold and his passports in Uthai Thani. 64-year-old Friedrich Reinhardt Marcel Stoffel left his home in Suphan Buri on May 21st last and his car was found one day later near a well-known cave.

A 64-year-old Dutchman living in Suphan Buri has vanished and police there and in Uthai Thani province are investigating his disappearance. His distraught wife was told by police to file a missing person report after his car was found in neighbouring Uthai Thani province with reports of a rendezvous with another vehicle and two women.

38-year-old Wandee Changtet from Suphan Buri at the scene of the car where her husband was last seen in Uthai Thani on May 22nd. She retrieved gold and cash from the vehicle, a gold sedan which police earlier found to be registered in her name. Her 64-year-old Dutch husband, Friedrich Reinhard Marcel Stoffel, could not be found and had only taken his blood pressure pills from the car.

Police officers in Uthai Thani province are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Dutch foreigner married to a Thai woman. The man was reported missing on May 22nd last after leaving his home in Suphan Buri the day before without notice with cash and gold jewellery.

Police in the Nong Chang District of Uthai Thani later found a golden sedan car registered in his Thai wife’s name near a cave in the area popular with tourists and visitors.

Nong Chan police in Uthai Thani called to the scene of a car left parked near the cave on May 22nd

Officers from Khao Bang Krae Police Station were called to the scene on May 22nd to investigate the car left parked from the day before.

Police Captain Jaroon, the Deputy Head of Investigations at the police station revealed that the car was registered to 38-year-old Wandee Changtet from Suphan Buri.

Owner of the car was foreigner’s Thai wife

The owner of the car was alerted and soon arrived at the scene.

The woman told police that her husband was Mr Friedrich Reinhard Marcel Stoffel, a Dutchman who left his home in Suphan Buri the day before at 9 am. 

She explained to police that her husband had left their home while she was in the bathroom with a single carrier bag. 

She went to check his room and found that he had also taken his prescription pills for a high blood pressure condition he suffered from.

Woman thought husband had left for a short holiday for a few days when he walked out with a bag

At first, she thought that perhaps her husband had set off for a night or two away but was alarmed when she heard from police the day after that they had found his car. 

To her knowledge, her husband had never travelled to Uthai Thani before and she was confused at this turn of events.

Dutchman was building 3 houses

She explained to police officers that she thought her husband was particularly stressed as he was involved in the development of 3 homes costing millions of baht in the Sam Chuk district of Suphanburi where they lived. She told police that work on the projects had been delayed contributing to Mr Friedrich’s anxieties.

She revealed that her husband suffered from stress levels which caused his high blood pressure. She had lived with him for 5 years. 

She told police that her spouse was a former train driver in the Netherlands who had witnessed a train crash in which eight people were killed.

Gold, cash and passports found in the car

In the car, Ms Wandee found valuable possessions which her husband had brought with him the day before.

These included 2 gold chains, 2 gold rings as well as a wallet which contained his passport, ATM cards and ฿22,600 in cash.

Police also found inside the car various items linked with home decorating such as wires and faucets. 

It appeared that the only thing her husband had taken with him were his blood pressure pills.

A local man says be witnessed the man meeting up with the occupants of a grey pickup

The police were introduced to a 61-year-old local man who said he saw the foreigner the day previously standing on the road nearby and that a grey pickup truck arrived on the scene.

He told investigating officers that he saw two women emerge from the pickup truck. He indicated that they were young-looking, almost like teenagers.

He told the officers that both the foreigner and the women parked both vehicles together at a specific spot.

Then, the trio were engaged in taking photographs in the middle of the road near where the car and pickup had been parked.

The local said he assumed that they were simply travellers who knew each other.

After this, he said he saw the foreigner get into the pick up with the two women between them and it drove off.

Police investigating the disappearance

Police were reported to be investigating the incident and requisitioned CCTV footage to identify the pickup and its movements.

Police requested that Ms Wandee file a report at Sam Chuk police station in Suphan Buri regarding her missing husband.

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