Two bodies were discovered last Saturday of a Canadian and Swiss man at their apartments in the Chalong and Kathu areas of Phuket. Autopsies were ordered and tests for Covid 19 virus. An unware 83-year-old German tested positive this week for the virus after previously showing no symptoms.

Police in two districts of Phuket are investigating two deaths on Saturday of two foreigners, a Canadian and Swiss man at their respective apartments. Post mortems are being undertaken to establish if they had contracted the Covid 19 virus.

Rescue workers on Saturday removed the bodies of two elderly foreigners, a Canadian and Swiss national, whose bodies were found in the Chalong and Kathu areas of Phuket. Post mortem and Covid 19 test results are awaited by investigating police.

It follows news on Tuesday that an 83-year-old German man had become the island’s 193rd case even though he was unaware of the infection and had displayed no symptoms. This comes as the latest research by experts in western countries suggests that up to 75% of people infected do not show symptoms of the virus at all.

Police in the Chalong district of Phuket are waiting on the results of a post mortem investigation following the discovery of the body of a 70-year-old Canadian man in Chalong on Saturday last.

The man was found in a rented apartment in the district and removed by volunteers from Phuket’s Ruamjai Foundation.

Police are trying to determine how the man died and also if he may have been infected with the Covid 19 virus. 

Canadian man found in Chalong district was originally from Cochrane in Alberta Canada

Captain Somkiet Sarasin revealed that the dead Canadian was originally from Cochrane in Alberta Canada and had died several days before he was found.

His apartment was located on the Chao Fa East Road near the police station in Chalong.

Swiss man also found dead in his apartment bedroom in Kathu on Saturday by a close friend

This was followed by a similar occurrence in Kathu where the body of a 72-year old Swiss man was discovered by a close friend in his bedroom on Saturday last.

The man had lived alone at the location for over ten years. He was originally from Sâles in Switzerland.

Details of the investigation were given to the local newspaper The Phuket News by Captain Peerawat Yodtor of the Kathu police who revealed that the body of the man was found at 1 pm.

‘On Saturday, she brought him food and other essentials. The man lived alone and did not have a wife or partner.’

No evidence of foul play or medicine for underlying condition as police await results of an autopsy

Police also reported that they found no evidence of foul play at the scene of the man’s death and also that it appeared that he was not taking any medication for an underlying illness.

However, the 72-year-old was using a wheelchair that was found at the scene by police.

The body of the European man was removed with extra care. The operation carried out by volunteers with the Kusoldham Foundation wearing protective clothing. It was removed to Vachira Phuket Hospital where an autopsy was to be conducted.

Police said that they should have the results of the test in a few days. They had also notified the Swiss embassy of the man’s demise in Thailand.

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