Complete fall from grace of a scion of a political family in Bangkok who has been jailed and is still facing further cases and potentially more jail time with new judgments due on September 25th as evidence is still being gathered concerning other complaints of sexual misbehaviour against him.

A former high flyer in Thailand’s Democrat Party who was in charge of its election campaign in Bangkok was jailed this month for indecent acts against a young female university student in April last year. Further judgements in an array of cases which are still ongoing around the country are also due on September 25th next against 45-year-old Mr Prinn Panitchpakdi who has been ordered into custody to begin serving a prison sentence with bail denied for an appeal.

Former Deputy leader of the Democrat Party left Lumpini Station for court in 2022 when charges were first before the court against him for indecent acts against women. The 54-year-old was jailed on August 10th and faces further judgments on September 25th while other cases progress.

It has emerged that a former deputy leader of the Democrat party in Thailand, the country’s oldest party, Mr Prinn Panitchpakdi was jailed on charges of indecency against a female student on August 10th last.

A Bangkok court, handing down a guilty verdict and prison term, also denied Mr Prinn bail ordering that his prison sentence and punishment for the offences begin immediately.

The former political figure, last year, in the aftermath of the accusations made against him by a multitude of young women, resigned from the Democrat Party.

Son of a famous Thai politician and former UN official found guilty and ordered to jail to begin punishment for indecent acts against university student

He was sentenced by the court to a prison term of two years and eight months and ordered imprisoned immediately after the first case against him was decided this month by a court in Bangkok.

Mr Prinn is from a highly respected family with his father serving previously as Commerce Minister and as a senior UN official.

The news emerged on Tuesday in a statement from Ms Kosolwat Intuchanyong, a deputy spokesman of the Office of the Attorney General, who informed the media that she had been informed of the development by Ms Patchara Isaraporn, the prosecutor in the case before the Bangkok South Municipal Court. 

It is understood that this criminal case was the first in a large number of investigations opened by police in Bangkok and various provinces into Mr Prinn.

Investigation opened by Lumpini Police Station last April after young woman filed a complaint immediately after her encounter with Prinn

This followed a complaint made to Lumpini Police Station in Bangkok by a young woman, a university student, linked with the August 10th judgement just handed down, against the then 45-year-old man in April last year following an incident at a rooftop restaurant on Soi 11 in the Sukhumvit Road area of the city.

Mr Prinn had invited the female student studying politics to have dinner with him and it is understood that he subsequently imposed himself upon the woman, resulting in her lodging the complaint alleging indecent acts. 

The former Democrat Party officer is understood to be facing several other judgments on September 25th relating to indecent assault and other sexual offences which were investigated by police in Bangkok.

Complaints from women around Thailand

Mr Prinn was also the subject of complaints from women in other provinces in Thailand including one in Chiang Mai where a young woman complained of meeting Mr Prinn at a seminar or conference he was attending.

She said he forced himself upon her, trying to kiss her on the face.

Thai Me too moment as top party leader to face sex charges as women come forward with reports
Chiang Mai police chief assigns a female officer

The victim only came forward last year when she read about the case in Bangkok and reported it to Chiang Mai police explaining that she had thought up to that point her complaint would not have been taken seriously.

Mr Prinn, before last year’s shocking revelations and his resignation from the Democrat Party, was the party’s Director of Elections for its forthcoming campaign in Bangkok.

Democrat Party politico still facing other charges even after September 25th with evidence still being heard in court linked with other police probes

The Democrat Party performed very poorly in this year’s general election, only achieving 25 seats in the House of Representatives, and is currently in the throes of a leadership struggle as it tries to find a new leader following the resignation of its outgoing figurehead and Commerce Minister, Mr Jurin Laksanawisit.

It is understood that legal processes linked with other cases against Mr Prinn are still moving through the courts, with some court cases still waiting to hear from witnesses who have come forward to make complaints against him.

When granted bail last year with an order that he report regularly to the Immigration Bureau and not leave the country, Mr Prinn insisted on his innocence and said he trusted in the legal process.

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