Police forensic commander is accused of organising third parties to have sexual relations with his wife and using threats or intimidation to have her comply with his wishes, according to the complaint and criminal charges filed against him.

A senior police officer serving with the Forensics Division in Samut Prakan was granted bail before a Bangkok court on Saturday, charged with three counts linked to the alleged rape of his wife by third parties at a resort in the capital in 2021. Before surrendering to investigators at Chokchai Police Station in Samut Prakan on Saturday, his lawyer told reporters that his client completely denied the charges. He described the case as linked to an act of intimidation against the policeman. He suggested that anything that actually happened two years ago was on a consensual basis.

Police Lieutenant Natthanon Chaiyaphon following his arrest on Saturday morning. He was later granted bail on a surety of ฿300,000 when he appeared before the Criminal Court in Bangkok on three charges. His lawyer told reporters that his client strenuously denied the charges and described the case as linked with intimidation.

A Bangkok court on Saturday granted bail to a senior police officer after he was brought before it charged with being involved in the rape of his wife together with third parties at a resort in 2021.

He faced charges brought by Chakchai Police Station in Samut Prakan province concerning criminal acts to satisfy the desires of others, including procuring, using a person for obscene purposes and deceitful tricks and threats to commit rape.

He was arrested at the station in Samut Prakan on Saturday and brought to court after 8.30 am to face charges.

Victim is the legal wife of the senior police officer, a 30-year-old woman identified in court on Saturday only as ‘Ms A’. Husband refutes the charges

The officer was also accused of using physical violence or the threat of physical violence to restrain or falsely imprison another person, causing them to fear for their life, body, reputation or property.

The rape victim in this case is believed to be a 30-year-old woman identified as Ms A.

The offences were committed in 2021 at a resort in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok.

Police at the hearing submitted a request to have the defendant detained for 12 days until the 25th of October.

The defendant before the court, Police Lieutenant Natthanon Chaiyaphon, denied all the charges and, through his lawyer, requested bail.

The victim objected to bail because her safety would be at risk. 

Court granted bail despite the victim’s objection but ordered the officer not to contact or try to intimidate her, warning that bail would be revoked

The court granted bail with a surety set at ฿300,000 and issued an order prohibiting the officer from making contact or intimidating his wife; otherwise, his bail would be revoked. 

Earlier on Saturday, Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthanon, who is reported to be a senior officer working with the Police Forensics Division in Samut Prakan, surrendered to police at Chokchai police station accompanied by his lawyer.

He was informed of three charges against him, detained, and brought before the court. 

The senior policeman arrived at the police station early on Saturday morning with his lawyer.

He met with Police Lieutenant Colonel Chatri Khaosa-at, the Deputy Inspector of Investigations at Chokchai Police Station.

The officer acknowledged the allegations against him. 

Officer accused of bringing third parties to a resort in Bangkok to engage in sexual relations with his wife for the purpose of producing film clips

The senior police officer is accused of physically abusing his wife and bringing third parties to the resort location in 2021 to engage in sexual relations with her while film clips were made.

Initially, police indicated that they would object to bail being granted to the officer, but at the court hearing, this was not pursued.

The lawyer for Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthanon, Mr Thanakrit Sittirat, told the media that the senior officer had only acknowledged the charges but strenuously denied them. 

He confirmed the police officer was the legal husband of the woman who made the complaints and had served as a police officer for over ten years. 

The lawyer told the media that the policeman had, in the past, had arguments with his wife but never resorted to violence.

The serving officer completely rejected the claims made against him.

Some of what was reported was consensual

His lawyer told the media that the policeman had never engaged in such behaviour.

However, the legal representative did suggest that some of what was reported was consensual and that the defendant still did not know the full details of the case that had been made against him.

He informed reporters that many people were living in the family, including the police officer and his wife, which complicated the matter.

The legal representative suggested that the case being made against the policeman was an act of intimidation.

He said that whoever is lying must be determined by the court in line with the evidence presented and that his client would prove he was telling the truth.

There are reports that the resort’s owner where the incident occurred may have evidence in this case.

Nonetheless, the lawyer for the accused insisted that all the evidence must first be examined and that his client was determined to prove his innocence through the legal process.

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