35-year-old UK national faces serious criminal charges after paying for allegedly sex with a minor. Decision taken by police to pursue people who avail of such services as the crackdown on the abuse of minors in Thailand continues.

Police, on Saturday, took a UK national into detention charged with hiring out a minor for prostitution. 35-year-old James Alexander Oldfield was accosted by Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officers on the street in Bangkok and taken into custody. He is charged with taking a minor away from her parents or guardians for indecency sometime in or before August 2023.

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officers on Saturday, February 3rd, explaining the arrest warrant issued days earlier by the Criminal Court in Bangkok, for the UK national. Police say they are confident the evidence against Mr Oldfield will be enough to convict him.

On Saturday, police swooped and arrested a visibly shaken middle-aged British man in Bangkok. In brief, he was wanted after a warrant was issued by the Criminal Court last Thursday.

The charge against him was procuring sex with an underage prostitute in Thailand’s capital. Police named him as 35-year-old Mr James Alexander Oldfield.

Details given to reporters by a top Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officer after Saturday’s arrest in Bangkok. Criminal activity linked to a wider probe

A briefing was given by Police Major General Saruti Khwaeng Sopha, a commander with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD).

Firstly, he confirmed that warrant number 416/2567, dated 29 January 2024 was executed by police. The warrant related to an incident at Yen Akat Road in the Thung Maha Mek Subdistrict, of Sathorn in Bangkok.

The charge was that Mr James was responsible for ‘taking a minor child under eighteen years of age for indecency.’

The arrest was carried out under the supervision of Police Lieutenant Colonel Charat Meelam of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), Division 6.

Two mothers arrested in Hua Hin revealed a network of child prostitution to police under interrogation

At length, the criminal activity concerned came to light in August 2023. Previously police arrested two mothers in Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan. 

Afterwards, during interrogation of the women, it emerged that children under 18 years old were being sold into prostitution.

In short, a decision was later taken by police to expand the dragnet to include service purchasers.

The Royal Thai Police has an extensive campaign underway to stamp out human trafficking abuses.

At the same time, it specifically targets the abuse of underage minors in Thailand’s sprawling sex trade.

Mr James’s name came up and was targeted by police

During a sweep of the evidence and a review of the case, Mr James was detected for prosecution. Police evidence suggests he had previously paid for underage sex.

Police enquiries subsequently suggested that the UK man was living in Bangkok.

In turn, efforts were made to track him and put him under surveillance. Simultaneously, an arrest warrant was sought from the court.

Later, after his arrest and during intense questioning, the 35-year-old foreigner denied the charge.

He asserted he never had any involvement in such activity. However, police say they are confident of the evidence before them in the matter.

Therefore, the British man will now face prosecution before the court.

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