CHONBURI: The 50-year-old woman withdrew the complaint immediately and admitted to officers that the accused man’s version of events was, in fact, the truth. She explained that she did not think matters would be taken so far by the police and was just interested in being tested for the coronavirus infection.

A Thai woman in Chonburi this week admitted to police that she had filed a false rape complaint against a man who paid her for sexual favours, to get a free Covid 19 test at her local hospital.

50-year-old Ms Raphiphan Phayon Nam made the complaint to police in Chonburi last Monday but then withdrew it after being confronted with the accused’s version of events and the 55-year-old Mr Dam in person at the local police station. She explained to police that she was simply looking for a virus infection test.

A Thai woman has agreed to withdraw a rape complaint at her local station after being confronted by the man she accused and confessing that she had made the story up.

She later admitted to befuddled officers that the report was false. She explained she had only made the report up so that a free test would be carried out to establish if she carried the Covid 19 virus.

She told officers that she did not think they would make such a fuss about her complaint.

50-year-old woman originally from Surin made her complaint at the Mueang station in Chonburi 

50-year-old Ms Raphiphan Phayon Nam originally from Surin province filed the police complaint on Monday 23rd March at Chonburi Police station in the Mueang district of the province.

The officer who took the report was Police Lieutenant Colonel Nitit Thongdee.

She told him that a 55-year old man she named as Mr Dam had asked her to his home. He told her that his wife was suffering from breast cancer.

However, when they reached the home, his wife was nowhere to be seen.

55-year-old man had sex with her twice

She told the officer that the man had raped and had sexual intercourse with her on two occasions.

She initially told police that the man should be brought to justice for fear he would use the same ruse to lure and rape another woman.

After taking the report, police began their investigation.

When police approached the man who worked as a vegetable trader, he was more than surprised to hear what the investigating officers told him.

Accused paid the woman ฿3,000 for a massage

He said that he had invited Ms Raphi to his home and that they had happily drunk wine together.

He told officers that he agreed with Ms Raphi that she would provide him with a massage including sex for ฿3,000. 

He told officers that he had paid the woman ฿2,500 and agreed to pay her ฿500 the next day. He was well known to the woman and saw her regularly.

Woman owned up and told the truth. She had fabricated the story to get tested for the virus

When confronted by the police with the other account, Ms Raphi admitted that the man’s account of the affair was, in fact, the truth.

She said that she had become convinced that she may have contracted the Covid 19 infection.

This was in part due to her discussion with Mr Dam during their liaison when the man expressed a view that the infection could not survive the heat in Thailand.

Got the idea after she visited her local hospital

However, Ms Raphi was not convinced and visited her local hospital. It was there that she had the idea of making a contrived rape report at her police station.

Her motive was to get a free test for the Covid 19 infection.

She said she was shocked to find the matter taken so seriously and agreed with police to withdraw the complaint against the 55-year-old man who had presented himself for further questioning.

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