Two Cameroonian suspects fled Thailand for Singapore after the fatal assault and theft of ฿5 million cash from Kyaw Zeyar, a 53-year-old Burmese businessman. Initial reports of Scottish involvement were corrected by police on Thursday.

Two suspected murderers fled Thailand for Singapore from Don Mueang Airport. This happened just hours after police were called to a murder scene in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok on Wednesday morning, Valentine’s Day. Previously, police reported they were looking for two Scotsmen. It now turns out the suspects were Africans from Cameroon. They made off with ฿5 million in cash after viciously assaulting 53-year-old Burmese man Kyaw Zehar. He died when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Police on Wednesday evening removed a new 50 cm by 50 cm safe purchased the day previously by Burmese murder victim Mr Kyaw Zehar. On Thursday, police revealed the identities of two Cameroonian suspects. They were not Scots as previously reported. However, they had fled Thailand just hours after police were called to the murder scene in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok on Wednesday morning.

News is emerging from police working on a violent murder that took place late on Tuesday night in Bangkok. 

It appears that the two suspects wanted for the killing flew out of Thailand just hours after police were called.

Afterwards, police reported that two Scotsmen were responsible for the killing. This information was supplied by a surviving 58-year-old witness. 

However, it has now emerged that the pair were two Cameroonian nationals who police have identified.

Police unhappy with the timeline supplied by a 58-year-old witness to the violent murder on Tuesday night. Interpreter called to assist the Burmese woman

In addition, police are also now questioning the alleged mother of the victim. Previously, it was reported she summoned police to the scene at 1.30 am.

This was a 23-floor high-end condominium unit located on Sukhumvit Soi 4. Subsequently, an interpreter was needed to speak with the woman. She could not speak either English or Thai.

Investigators identified her as a 58-year-old Burmese national named Ms Thethewin. The eye witness subsequently claimed to be the adopted mother of the victim.

Investigators are understood to be perplexed by the timeline of what happened on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

By Thursday, police were briefing the media that the woman was not related to the deceased. If so, it was certainly a distant family connection.

The deceased was identified on Wednesday as 53-year-old Mr Kyaw Zeyar. At length, he operated a foreign currency exchange business. 

Business meeting at a luxury apartment between the Burmese currency trader and two Cameroonians who turned up uninvited following an earlier hotel meeting

Nevertheless, police on Thursday said the nature of the business discussion on Tuesday night was linked to currency counterfeiting.

They also revealed that Mr Zeyar had been travelling to Thailand regularly for the last four months. 

Significantly, he had entered Thailand 53 times. At the same time, he regularly made round trips between Yangon and Bangkok. From the Thai capital, he was also a regular traveller to Hanoi in Vietnam.

Police were examining the evidence of Ms Thethewin on Thursday. 

It now appears she is a person with only a casual relationship to the deceased.

Certainly, she was a witness to what happened on Tuesday night at the luxury 23rd-floor apartment in Bangkok.

Police believe the discussion on Tuesday night was about counterfeiting currency, in particular US dollar bills.

She claimed she was knocked unconscious by the attackers.

Ms Thethewin then awoke to find Mr Zeyar struggling to breathe. Later, an ambulance was called to the scene. The Burmese man was pronounced dead. 

Burmese man’s contact with the African suspects began at a meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel in Sukhumvit. He did not like what he heard and returned home

Subsequently, she told police about Mr Zeyar’s initial meeting with the two accused men.

In short, it took place at the JW Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit on Tuesday afternoon. The Burmese businessman did not like what he heard and returned home.

Following this, however, he was visited by the two Africans. 

The witness, Ms Thethewin, spoke of a discussion about chemicals and black money. 

Lumpini police on Thursday said this is related to the counterfeiting of US dollar bills.

Significantly, they found an image of a dollar bill on Mr Zeyar’s phone as part of his online chat activity.

Taiwanese man had a counterfeiting operation in two safes in a hotel room where he was murdered
Manhunt for two Scotsmen wanted after the murder of a Burmese businessman in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The story bears some similarity to the murder of 48-year-old Taiwanese national Mr Chu Chiang Chen in November 2023.

He was also murdered by blunt force trauma and was found in a room with a safe. The primary suspect in that case, an Iranian national, similarly fled the country.

Full identity and passport details of Cameroonian suspects revealed. One was 32 years of age, nicknamed William, the other was 36 years old, nicknamed John

Afterwards, Police Major General Teeradej Thammasutee revealed that the two suspects were certainly not Scotsman as previously reported.

They were identified as Cameroonian nationals bearing Cameroonian passports.

Police formally identified them as 32-year-old Robinson Zaha, Passport number AA689892 whose nickname is William. The second suspect was 36-year-old Viscio Delord Camgiang Cam Passport number AA578484, whose nickname is John.

At the same time, police confirmed the pair had departed Thailand at 05.01 am on Wednesday, February 14th.

They were booked aboard Lion Air flight SL100 from Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok to Singapore.

Police Major General Teeradej said a Red Notice Interpol alert seeking their arrest will now be issued.

New safe removed by police from the condominium unit. It was purchased last Tuesday by the Burmese man to keep the ฿5 million in cash he was trading with

Police are still examining suitcases found at the murder scene. Moreover, a 50 cm by 50 cm safe had been purchased earlier on February 13th by the deceased. This was to contain the ฿5 million, the money stolen by the Cameroonians on Tuesday night.

According to Ms Thethewin who witnessed the discussions, Mr Zeyar changed his mind during the conference with his visitors.

Previously, she explained the Africans had arrived at the upmarket condominium building unannounced.

Mr Zeyar went to the ground floor and brought them up. This was at 8.30 pm approximately.

She claimed that after that, they had attacked Mr Zeyar when he had a change of heart.

Indeed, they also subjected her to assault. She told police investigators she was beaten and strangled until she lost consciousness.

This was why she only notified the police some 30 minutes after the murder took place.

Police have sent the 58-year-old for a physical examination. Police sources say that they are testing the reliability of the testimony provided by the witness.

At 2 pm on Wednesday, she was called back in for questioning by Lumpini police working on the case.

Africans arrived at the residence complex on Tuesday night by surprise. At length, Mr Zeyar went downstairs to greet them and brought them to his apartment

Shew confirmed that the two men had turned up at the condominium building at 8.30 pm.

The discussion was related to foreign currency and a deal for ฿5 million. At that point, she told police that Mr Zeyar, also like one of the suspects, was called ‘William’.

An interpretation of Ms Thethewin’s interview with police heard the following testimony: ‘After talking for a while, a heated argument ensued. I tried to stop them. But Mr William was punched in the face until he fell in the air afterwards hitting the ground. He was unconscious on the spot. I woke up to find my son covered in blood, he was breathing heavily. I hurried down to tell the mansion staff to help fetch an ambulance to pick up my son. When the ambulance arrived, the emergency doctor pumped my child’s heart for a long time but to no avail. He died later. Inspection of assets showed ฿5 million missing in cash and my mobile. My son’s mobile phone that stored the culprit’s information was not taken away. But I couldn’t open it because I didn’t know the password.’ 

Investigators furthermore revealed that the scene when police arrived was one of chaos.

The card key access lock was disabled by the attackers as they left. The door handle had also been bashed off.

Horrific and brutal murder driven by greed

The victim Mr Zeyar was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and black pants. His face was swollen from his injuries. In addition, he was bleeding from both his ears and mouth.

Paramedics found him just as his life was waning after fatal internal injuries.

The Burmese man was beaten to death by his visitors driven by greed. They were determined to leave with the ฿5 million in cash.

Mr Zeyar lost the cash and his life when he welcomed them into his apartment.

Investigators captured CCTV footage of two black men leaving the building in a hurry. One had a bald head.

It is understood that this case may be linked to a sudden movement of property and financial assets from Myanmar.

In turn, this is being linked to the collapsing military junta in Nay Pyi Taw. The failing regime has imposed restrictions while the country is also isolated. This has led to a rise in cash foreign currency transactions

Observers suggest this is also linked to a surge in high-end property buyers in Thailand from Myanmar in recent months.

In short, the country’s wealthy elite and junta associates are jumping ship.

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