Murder victim, 59-year-old Klaus Wilhelm, had asked his 49-year-old Thai wife to collect ฿40,000 for him on Tuesday. She found him stabbed in his bed at his home in Prachinburi province after travelling there on her motorbike to meet him. Police were reported to be questioning the woman to rule her in or out as a suspect at this stage.

Thai police are investigating the murder of 59-year old German national Klaus Wilhelm after he was discovered stabbed at his home in Prachinburi this morning by his ex Thai wife. Police found evidence of glass louvres having been removed from the back door of the property but no signs of a struggle. Senior police officers have indicated that they believe, at this point, that the culprit may be someone well known to the victim.

Rescue volunteers remove the body of 59-year-old Klaus Wilhelm from his home on Soi Bang Pakong in Prachinburi on Wednesday after his ex-wife, 49-year-old Sriwan Khunmak, found him before 9 am this morning stabbed in his bed. Police have launched a full murder enquiry.

Top Thai police officials in Prachinburi province launched a murder investigation on Wednesday following the discovery of the body of a 59-year-old German man who has been living in the area for 10 years.

Klaus Wilhelm was found early on Wednesday morning by his 49-year-old ex-wife, Ms Sriwan Khunmak.

He was found wearing elasticated grey shorts in the bedroom of his home by his ex-wife after he had asked her on Tuesday to collect some money for him which had been sent by his mother in Germany.

Couple have a 19-year-old daughter believed to be living in Sukhothai province with her husband

The German is reported to have a 19-year-old daughter with the woman who is currently away in Sukhothai province with her husband.

The call to police came on Wednesday morning at 9 am when Captain Akharadej FuSaeng Roi was alerted at Prachinburi’s Mueang police station to the crime.

Top police officers from Prachinburi police station

He was joined by Major General Naradet Klom as well as the deputy police chief and chief of Prachinburi police station, Colonel Phumintorn Singhasut and Colonel Kasasin Thamrongsrisuk.

They were joined at the scene by the doctor on duty at Chaophya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital nearby and a rescue team from the local volunteer force.

German thought at a local educational institute

The home of the German, who taught at a nearby institute, was situated among a number of row houses. The property has three rooms and is not far from the Bang Pakong Hotel on Soi Bang Pakong.

Police initially questioned the German man’s ex-wife Ms Sriwan at the scene.

Former wife regularly visited her ex-husband

She explained to officers that although she had parted ways with her husband some time ago, she regularly visited him at his home and stayed in touch.

She said that he had called her yesterday to request that she collect ฿40,000 for him which had been sent to Thailand by his mother in Germany.

Travelled to the house on her motorbike

She said she drove to his home on Wednesday on her motorbike. 

When she arrived, she went inside to the first room and saw that it was quiet and empty. The German’s phone was on top of the television.

She then went into the second room and saw his mobile phone case on the ground.

German was lying face-up, wife tells police he tried to speak to her before he died after she found him

When she entered his bedroom, she saw him lying on his bed face up, wearing only a pair of shorts.

She told police that one of his legs was raised in the bed. 

She said she spoke to him and that he briefly opened his eyes and began to talk but then passed away.

She recalled that his eyes remained open.

Found key left to open the door

She explained to police that she had entered the house by locating a key left placed nearby for that purpose.

She also mentioned that she was aware that her daughter and her husband had come to live with her ex-partner.

Police then examined the property looking for evidence.

White plastic envelope and black purse near a fence at the property but no evidence of a struggle

Officers found a white plastic envelope at the back of the house and a black purse near the fence.

Police have ordered a check for fingerprints on these items. They also found a pair of eyeglasses near the fence at the home.

However, police have indicated that there was no clear evidence of a fight or struggle at the property from their initial examination.

They also discovered that glass louvres on the back door of the home had been removed.

Knife wound to the chest below the heart

The deceased man was found lying on his bed only wearing shorts.

He had suffered a knife wound on the left-hand side of the chest beneath the heart.

Police found a bloody knife about 5 inches in length nearer the bed.

Body removed for autopsy

Following an examination of the murder scene by officers and a forensics team, the go-ahead was given to remove the body to the Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital where a post mortem will be carried out.

Police theorise that victim knew his killer

Police have indicated that they believe, at this stage in their enquiries, that the murderer was known to the victim.

They have asked the ex-wife of Mr Klaus to assist them further in their investigation so that the woman can be ruled in or out as a suspect at this time. 

Given Ms Sriwan’s continued close connection to her former husband, officers are seeking to further understand the German man’s life circumstances and relationships to further direct their enquiries.

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