Police are seeking further information from Bhumibol Hospital in the Sai Mai area of Bangkok on the boy’s injuries after detaining his mother and her new boyfriend on Tuesday for questioning. A complaint was filed by the father of her son.

Police have charged a 20-year-old mother of a 4-year-old boy in Bangkok with beating her son, leaving him hospitalised and in a coma after her child soiled his bed over a week ago. The incident came to light after the woman later attempted to obtain ฿100,000 from the boy’s father but disguised the incident as an accident and refused to disclose to him where his son was being treated.

The case has generated massive media interest in Thailand. Scenes on Tuesday evening as the mother and her current boyfriend emerge from Bang Khen Police Station after being questioned and charged with the injuries suffered by her 4-year-old son who is in a coma at Bhumibol Hospital in Bangkok. More charges may follow after police consult with the boy’s doctors.

Police on Tuesday detained the mother of a 4-year-old boy and her boyfriend after receiving a report from the biological father of the boy that his son has suffered physical injuries that left him in a coma at Bhumibol Hospital in Bangkok with severe injuries.

The injuries included broken ribs, damaged collar bones and bruises to the little boy’s head and face.

Story began on Sunday night when the boy’s father received the first contact from his ex in 2 years

The story began for the boy’s father on Sunday night, 16th of August when the 23-year-old man received a call from his ex-partner, the mother of the child. He had not heard from her in two years as she had custody of their little boy.

The woman told him that their son had suffered a serious bathroom accident and she needed ฿100,000 to pay for an emergency operation. 

He immediately asked to see his son but he was told that doctors had advised against visitors because of the risk of virus infection at this time.

His ex-partner would not reveal which hospital the child was being treated at. 

Man quickly discovered the extent of his son’s injuries

The man, himself, however, quickly identified the hospital as Bhumibol and ascertained the extent of his son’s injuries to his horror.

The child’s father was particularly distressed by his ex-partner’s deceit in lying about what had happened to their son and her attempts to conceal his whereabouts.

Woman blamed her father for beating her son

When he confronted her, she led him to believe that it was her father who had taken a hand to the boy after he had soiled his bed.

This led the father to visit the woman’s family and speak with her mother.

He had, up to this week, believed that his son was living with his ex-partner at her parent’s home. 

However, the mother told him that her daughter had moved out to be with another man taking the boy with her, in late May.

Filed a police complaint at Bang Khen police station

On Tuesday, the father filed a police complaint with Bang Khen police station in Bangkok which later led to the mother and her boyfriend being detained for questioning.

When questioned by police, the woman admitted that she had beaten the boy particularly severely with the spine of a book on August 12th, Mother’s Day, on the pretext again that he had soiled his bed.

Police subsequently interviewed the woman’s new boyfriend and discovered, from him, that he had also beaten the woman’s son with a rubber tube or hose on August 10th, again for soiling his bed. The boyfriend denied however that he had beaten the boy on the head or face.

Police have already charged the mother with assault

Police investigators, led by Police Colonel Teerasak Pinyo, the chief of Khok Khram station, have indicated that an initial charge of assault causing harm has been raised against the woman on Tuesday but it is understood further charges may follow. 

Police have reached out to Bhumibol Hospital for a report on the extent and seriousness of the boy’s injuries which are thought to include 2 broken ribs, damaged collar bones and no less than 20 wounds both old and new, on the boy’s face and head.

Parents of the boy’s mother speak out against her

Both parents of the little boy’s mother have indicated their strong suspicion that she is the one responsible for harming her own son.

On Tuesday, her father described his daughter as a ‘resentful woman’ who insisted on fighting with both her existing and former boyfriend. 

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