Clinical murder of a 39-year-old woman at the entrance to a temple in the Bang Khae district of Bangkok was triggered by killer’s stress after the victim had complained her former lover to superiors within the police force after a stored property dispute reached an impasse.

The lesbian lover of a murdered businesswoman, who was found dead by police and medics at a temple in Bang Khae on Monday morning, is to be brought before Thonburi Criminal Court on Tuesday charged with her murder. The accused woman is a police officer who reacted violently when her estranged lover threatened her career after a dispute between the pair turned deadly.

Police at the scene of the murder, a popular temple in the Bang Khae area of Bangkok, on Monday morning. A police officer executed her estranged lover by firing four times into her head at point-blank range. The woman, Lieutenant Colonel Ying Siriwan (inset) surrendered to Phasi Charoen Police later in the day and is to appear before Thonburi Criminal Court tomorrow.

A 39-year-old Thai businesswoman was clinically executed by her lover at a temple in Bang Khae on Monday morning in a shocking manner.

The deceased woman’s body was discovered after police at Phasi Charoen Police Station responded to an emergency call on Monday morning together with medics from Siriraj Hospital.

Online businesswoman found dead in a pool of blood after being assassinated by tomboy killer

At the scene, they found Ms Linlada Phattanphan, in a pool of blood. The victim’s housekeeper, 52-year-old Maneerat Srithornrat, had accompanied her employer to the temple bringing food and intending to make merit with the monks at 7 am in the morning when the shocking crime unfolded.

The murdered woman, who ran a successful business selling handbags and clothes online, was wearing a white blouse with black sweatpants when she was approached by a figure who her maid said appeared to be dressed like a man in a solid coloured, long sleeve shirt and baseball cap but looked somewhat like a tomboy according to the traumatised companion of the deceased woman. 

The maid said the attacker appeared to be between 35 and 40 years of age.

Pumped four bullets into victim’s head

The attacker emerged from an SUV type vehicle with blank registration plates and quickly caught the victim by the hand pulling her towards herself and catching her prey in a chokehold while at the same time using a handgun to pump four bullets into her head.

The attacker then fled in the SUV vehicle at speed.

Police who arrived at the scene shortly afterwards found four spent 9mm cartridges and the bloodied businesswoman covered with a sheet.

Killer, a policewoman surrendered to police later in the afternoon and confessed to the crime

An update on the case was given in the afternoon by Colonel Luesak Damnoen Sawat of Phasi Charoen Police.

He revealed that the woman’s assassin was her estranged lover, Police Lieutenant Colonel Ying Siriwan, a serving member of the Royal Thai Police.

The killer surrendered herself to police in the afternoon and explained the circumstances behind the brutal slaying to investigating officers. 

The pair had been involved in a love triangle which led to their relationship becoming fractious.

Dispute arose after the couple had split up

The murdered woman had been trying to retrieve some property, belonging to her, from her ex-lover which had been stored at Lieutenant Colonel Ying’s apartment.

After matters between the two became further heated, the police officer refused to return the goods which led to Ms Linlada filing a complaint about her with the officer’s police superiors. This caused an inspector to inquire about the controversy.

This led to the policewoman becoming extremely stressed and following a visit to her parents in Suphan Buri province, she returned to Bangkok and carried out the murder of her former girlfriend.

Police officer supplied police with the murder weapon and the escape vehicle to assist their investigation

Lieutenant Colonel Ying, on Monday, provided police with an expensive and lethal Sig Sauer P365 personal handgun as well as a grey Toyota Fortuner which she used in the attack.

Police appealed to the court on Monday requesting it to expedite the proceedings against the accused as they feared that they may be obliged to grant bail to the fellow police officer, technically a government official, without collateral, on the basis that the accused had surrendered herself. She would be entitled to pursue such a course.

Officers feared that this may look like preferential treatment, a situation they were anxious to avoid.

The case is due to come before Thonburi Criminal Court on Tuesday.

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