The family of the younger woman, 24-year-old Ratree Sriwiboon, believe she was murdered by her jealous older lover after a row developed online with others in the lesbian community when she posted a revealing bikini photo on social media. The couple had earlier attended a poolside get together with Ms Ratree’s family at a hotel resort before the tragedy emerged the next morning.

Police in Pattaya are investigating a suspected murder and suicide involving two lesbian lovers who were found dead in a bloodbath at a bungalow at the resort on Sunday morning. It is believed that jealousy on the part of the older relationship partner over a revealing bikini outfit may have been the trigger for the crime. 

The lesbian couple in happier times. 24-year-old Ratree Sriwiboon (centre) was reported to be at the centre of a social media furore before the tragedy when at least one other lesbian user online criticised her for sporting a revealing bikini on a social media post. This was before a family party at the resort in Pattaya where she was joined by her 29-year-old relationship partner, Patsanan Chanprapat (bottom left). The pair were found dead in a bloodied state the next morning at their resort accommodation by Ratree’s brother, Pairoj.

Police in Pattaya have confirmed that they are not seeking suspects after two young women were found dead with stab wounds in their hotel room at a hotel resort on Sunday morning.

CCTV footage at the hotel showed that no one had entered the room from Saturday evening when the lesbian couple retired after having attended a family party near the swimming pool.

Bodies of lesbian lovers found near blood-soaked bed the next morning at the Pattaya resort

The bodies of 24-year-old Ratree Sriwiboon and 29-year-old Patsanan Chanprapat were found the next morning by Ms Ratree’s brother Pairoj.

They had been staying at a bungalow within the resort. He was left in a state of shock when he found the body of Ms Patsanan on a bed covered in blood with his sister lying dead below.

Both women had suffered stab wounds including wounds to the neck, torso and ribs.

Both the deceased had been injured with a piercing blow to the neck.

It is reported that police found a pocket knife under the body of the older woman.

Victim’s brother feels the possessive nature of the older relationship partner caused his sister’s death

Mr Pairoj told the police and press that he believes that the deaths were the result of a violent quarrel between the two lovers. 

He attributed this to the possessive and controlling nature of his sister’s older relationship partner.

He said the shocking scene came as a surprise to his family, as the night before, when his sister had attended the party, everything seemed fine between the pair.

‘I did not know much about their relationship, so on the surface, it seemed fine,’ he said. ‘However, I knew that my sister’s girlfriend is quite a jealous person and I think that was the cause of their fight that led to the tragedy.’

Deaths may be linked to an earlier furore over Ms Ratree’s online photo of herself in a bikini

It is being reported that an earlier incident may be a clue to the cause of the tragedy that unfolded later in the bedroom.

Ms Ratree had posted a photograph of herself in a revealing bikini outfit online before the poolside party at the resort. 

On social media, it is reported that the picture sparked a flurry of reaction including some negative commentary with at least one other lesbian user criticising it for being too revealing.

Ms Ratree’s brother firmly believes that this furore triggered the violent and emotional struggle in the bedroom later.

Police satisfied that no third party was involved in the deaths of the women from CCTV and evidence

Police appear to be following a similar theory.

They have confirmed that they are satisfied that there was no third-party assailant or trespasser who accessed the room. Evidence within the room, though it bespeaks a violent struggle, also supports that view.

Police Major Tanongsak Inphadung of the Royal Thai Police in Pattaya said this: ‘Initially, there was no evidence that the two were murdered by another person so we suspect it started with an argument that escalated to violence.’

He said that police were now interviewing friends and family to get a better insight into what could have caused the argument between the pair which turned deadly.

The two bodies have been sent for an autopsy which police are hoping will establish the order of death and whether this may have been a case of murder followed by suicide.

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