Scene found by police at The Emerald Terrace apartment building early on Tuesday morning was one of a sex, drugs and alcohol party with condom wrappers, an alcohol bottle and traces of cannabis found. Police are not yet sure whether the death was simply an accident, suicide or a possible homicide.

Police in Phuket have upgraded their inquiries into the demise of a 37-year-old Russian woman who fell to her death early on Tuesday morning in the Patong nightlife area of the island. This was confirmed by the Police chief, Police Major General Sermphan Sirikhon, who also revealed that all three foreigners, arrested after the incident on narcotics charges, are refusing to cooperate with the investigation after one of them, Jordanian man, Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatoom was arrested at a boarding gate of Phuket International Airport while attempting to fly home on Tuesday night. All three, another Russian woman and an American man, are being held at Patong Police Station.

37-year-old Russian woman Evgenia Smirnova only arrived in Thailand on May 25th last and had been staying at another hotel in the Patong nightlife area of Phuket. She was found by investigators at the back of The Emerald Terrace (inset top left) apartment building clutching human hair in her hand. On Tuesday night, police arrested one of the three foreigners found in the hotel room (inset) earlier that morning, Jordanian national Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatoom, while trying to board a flight home to Jordan at Phuket International Airport (inset bottom left). He is being held along with an American man and another Russian woman on narcotics charges.

On Wednesday, the Phuket police chief, Police Major General Sermphan Sirikhon told reporters that his officers are still looking at three theories in the case which include death as the result of an unfortunate accident, suicide or the possibility that this may be a homicide incident.

Police in Phuket are reporting that three foreigners, being held in connection with the death of a Russian woman, 37-year-old Evgenia Smirnova whose bloodied body was found at the base of a tree in the rear precincts of the apartment block or hotel on the Phra Baramee Road in the Kathu District of Phuket on Tuesday morning are not fully cooperating with their enquiries.

Foreigners arrested and charged with possession of narcotics with intent to use after police find sex party scene in response to Russian woman’s death

All three have been detained on charges of being in possession of, with intent to use, a Schedule 5 narcotic at The Emerald Terrace apartment building which is located in the Patong area, the nightlife centre so popular with foreign tourists in Phuket.

Police were called to the scene of the incident at 4.20 am on Tuesday morning which officers initially took to be a possible suicide or freak accident.

The woman fell from the balcony of the room on the eighth floor which has a see-through glass balcony.

The death of the Russian tourist comes less than two weeks after 22-year-old Australian holidaymaker Billy James Simmons, staying in the same area, at the upmarket Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa, lost his life in a fall from the 11th-floor balcony of his hotel room.

Sex drugs found in hotel room of Australian man who died from balcony fall on Tuesday in Phuket

At the scene of this latest balcony fall on Tuesday morning, police found signs of a sex, alcohol and illicit drugs party.

Evidence of alcohol, drug consumption as well as sex activities as three are held at Patong Police Station

They retrieved evidence of alcohol consumption and sex activities including a used condom and condom wrappers both within the room and on the balcony area as well as the remnants of finely ground cannabis contained in a plastic bag.

Three other people were found at the scene including 28-year-old Jordanian Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatoom who police later arrested at the boarding gates within Phuket International Airport as he attempted to fly back to Jordan.

The other people being held by the police at Patong Police Station are a 38-year-old American identified as Jamaal Antwaun Smith as well as another Russian national, a woman identified as 35-year-old Natalia Kosenkova.

Police officers looking at the possibility of homicide after the woman was found clutching hair in her hands after falling from the 8th-floor balcony

Police upgraded their investigation of the matter into a possible homicide after officers found the dead woman clutching hair in her hand when they examined the body at the scene.

It is understood that the four people in Room 706 on the 8th floor of The Emerald Terrace on Monday night and into the early hours of Tuesday morning, were in the process of consuming alcohol and narcotics as well as engaging in sexual acts.

It is also being reported that the three foreigners involved, led by the Russian woman Natalia Kosenkova, are refusing to answer questions from police and are demanding access to diplomatic representatives before co-operating any further with the investigation.

Police officials have accepted this request as a matter of international law and human rights but are determined nonetheless to pursue their enquiries into the death.

Officials have, at the same time, provided all three detainees with access to official interpreters so that they can communicate easily with officers trying to get to the bottom of exactly how the 37-year-old woman died.

Russian tourist only arrived in Thailand just over a week ago and was staying at another hotel in Patong

It is known that Ms Evgenia Smirnova only arrived in Thailand just over a week ago, on May 25th last and had been staying at another hotel in Patong on Soi Na Nai Ruam Jai 8.

In the meantime, police are awaiting the results of an autopsy into the death of Ms Evgenia after her body was removed to Patong Hospital on Tuesday.

Investigators are also conducting a forensic examination of the hair that she was clutching when she died.

At the same time, additional tests are due to be carried out on a bottle of alcohol, condom wrappers, a box of cigarettes and an ashtray found at the scene including the room and the balcony area from where the Russian woman fell from.

It is reported that the used condom, which was retrieved from the floor of the room itself, will be part of the forensics review in this case.

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