The killings on Thursday, January 9th shocked Thailand and the killer’s arrest less than two weeks later was greeted by applause followed quickly by revulsion to find out that he was a school director and had attended a Children’s Day celebration days after he gunned down two-year toddler Panuwich Wongyu.

The heartless killer and former school director Prasittichai Khaokaew has appeared before the Bangkok Criminal Court and pleaded guilty to a killing binge in early January in Lopburi which saw a 2-year toddler die his mother’s arms amid terror scenes at a popular shopping centre. Today, prosecutors called on the court to punish the man for his actions as a March 23rd hearing was scheduled to examine witnesses in the case.

The former school director of Wat Pho Chai School in Singburi, Prasittichai Khaokaew, appeared before Bangkok Criminal court today and pleaded guilty to nine charges including murder and attempted murder at the Robinsons Shopping Centre in Lopburi province on the night of January 9th last. He will appear again before the court on March 23rd when witnesses in the case will be examined.

The former school director who gunned down three people and caused gunshot wounds to four others appeared at the Bangkok Criminal Court on Friday.

Before the court, 38-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew, also known by his nickname of ‘Golf’ pleaded guilty to nine criminal charges including three counts of murder, causing serious injury, attempted murder and armed robbery as well as firearms charges.

Arrest of 28-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew celebrated by the public on January 22nd

The state prosecutor told the court that the man arrived at the Robinsons Department Store in Lopburi on the evening of January 9th intending to rob the Aurora Gold shop on the premises.

He was armed with a 9mm handgun fitted with an advanced noise suppressor which ultimately led police to capture him on Thursday, January 22nd. 

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His arrest, announced by the national police chief General Chakthip Chaijinda, was greeted by applause at a public press conference on that day.

Killed two-year-old toddler Panuwich Wongyu

The man had murdered a 2-year toddler in the course of the robbery, an aspect of this story that caused anguish to many as they watched the pain of the boy’s mother, Wilaiwan Wongyu, in the aftermath of the attack of widely publicised videos cradling her little boy Pauwich.

Days later, the killer, in his capacity as a school director at Wat Pho Chai School in Singburi province, had hideously attended a Children’s Day celebration.

Initially told police he carried out the attack for kicks

The killer later told police that he was bored and carried out the whole operation for kicks knowing he would be apprehended sooner or later.

He also murdered security guard Theerachat Nimma and a beautiful young sales assistant at the gold shop, Thidarat Thongthip.

Borrowed motorbike from father in law, gun registered in his father’s name used in the atrocity

Mr Prasittichai, dressed in black and with a balaclava over his head, later fled the scene on a motorbike that he borrowed from his father in law. The 9mm gun he used was registered in his father’s name.

Young wife fled into hiding

In the aftermath of the man’s arrest, details emerged about his young wife who had to flee into hiding.

It was also learned that he had only recently been promoted to the senior position of school director. He was also revealed to be a gun instructor with a deep interest and training in firearms.

Illegal Z4 BMW car seized some time ago and fine levied on the former teacher of ฿600,000

Police also uncovered details of a case where a luxury Z4 BMW sports car was seized from the teacher on an earlier occasion after it was found to have been imported illegally.

The former teacher had paid ฿300,000 for it and was then fined ฿600,000 for breaking the law by his actions.

Now admits he did because of financial pressure

He is reported to have later backtracked on his earlier callous assertion that he committed the crime for kicks to accept that he was under severe financial pressure.

He had debts of ฿2 million with a teacher’s co-operative and advances from the Krungthai Bank.

Police later recovered the gold stolen in the heist, valued at over ฿600,000 at his father’s home but one necklace is still missing believed to be worth approximately ฿14,000.

Case before the court again on March 23rd

He will return to court on March 23rd when the court will hear evidence from witnesses who will also be examined.

Prosecutors opposed the granting of bail to the defendant and asked that the court punish him for the crimes it put before it.

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