The Thai man who honked his horn at the driver admitted to online viewers on Friday that he had grovelingly apologised to the man who calmly approached his car with a gun at his side.

People in Thailand were incensed over the weekend watching a disturbingly calm incident of road rage when an expressionless Thai man calmly and effectively threatened another motorist with a gun for honking his horn.

Cold road rage: Thai driver Tum Natawit was horrified to see a man with a gun emerge from a White Honda after he blared his horn at a vehicle in Nonthaburi on Friday for cutting across him. The terrified Thai driver apologised quickly out of fear.

Thailand has a particularly nasty problem when it comes to road rage with reports in the last few years of people being shot dead on the road when incidents turned violent because of perceived slights or loss of face. A scene from Friday was not as lethal thankfully but was quite chilling for one Thai driver who felt extremely intimidated.

Incident occurred in Nonthaburi, a province north of Bangkok on Friday amid heavy traffic as people returned from work in heavy traffic

It occurred at approximately 6 pm at Bang Kruai which is in Nonthaburi province to the north of Bangkok. A driver in tortuous traffic found himself cut across by a white Honda sedan. It was bad manners and the driver honked his horn to show his displeasure. He was not prepared for what happened next.

White Honda sedan suddenly braked and the driver with a very grave expression got out

First, the white sedan braked suddenly nearly causing the driver to rear-end the car in front. Then the car door of the Honda opened and a straight-backed man got out with a very grave, blank expression. He then went back to his car to fetch something. He emerged out of the car a second time with what looked like an automatic pistol being held at his side.

Driver admitted making an abject apology. Who could blame him given Thailand’s history of gun violence

The man with the gun slowly walked up to the now terrified driver of the car behind while displaying the gun. The driver of the car admitted in his Facebook post that he apologised profusely to the man when he saw the gun from behind his car door window: ‘He emerged seconds later with a gun to threaten me. I am sorry for honking. I apologized. From now on, any motorist wanting to crosscut me, be my guest,’ wrote Tum Natawit on Facebook.

And who could second guess man knowing that people have been gunned down in Thailand for similar incidents in the past on the road?

After the Thai man apologised to the gunman, he made his way back to his car but not before gesticulating and mouthing what appeared to be further warnings.

Calls for Thai police to track down and deal with the gunman from disturbed online viewers

The disturbing post and report of the incident have drawn the ire of Thailand’s online community. Many Thai citizens have asked for the Thai police to get involved and track down the culprit. The incident is shown in a 2 minutes video clip which is attached to this article.

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