A day of horrifying revelations, as 53-year-old Swiss husband, Mr Roland confessed to strangling his Thai wife, Orathai Posee-ngarm. The woman inherited ฿13 million in 2021. Shockingly, a ‘Jack of Hearts’ playing card was found in her mouth, challenging any claims that this was not a gruesome crime. It culminated on Monday in a cornfield, leaving the community stunned, angered and demanding justice.

There was devastating news from Nakhon Ratchasima on Monday as police arrested the 53-year-old Swiss husband for the murder of 46-year-old Orathai Posee-ngarm. In short, she went missing on January 8 last. Mr Roland was brought by police to a cornfield 6 kilometres from the home he previously shared with his wife to find her dried and decomposed body lying unburied on the ground. Earlier, the suspect had demanded his passport back from police before he was later interrogated and grilled for 5 hours. Finally, he confessed to murdering his wife by strangling her. Moreover, the already cruel fate of Ms Orathai took an even darker twist when police found a Jack of Hearts playing card lodged in her gullet with her mouth bound by duct tape. 

Police brought the 53-year-old suspect to the cornfield on Monday, where the decomposed body of his 46-year-old Thai wife Orathai Posee-ngarm, was found lying on its back. In a grisly development, police found her mouth sealed with duct tape and a playing card lodged in her gullet.

A tale of cruelty, tragedy and foul murder emerged in Nakhon Ratchasima on Monday. In short, it came after a Swiss national identified as Mr Roland finally confessed.

In brief, he brutally and cruelly murdered his Thai wife, Orathai Posee-ngarm. Although police are still investigating, it appears that the Swiss man was angered by his wife’s incessant gambling on cards.

At the same time, he told Police Major General Thakur Natrisri of Provincial Police Region 3 that his wife was jealous. This was because she suspected he had another woman.

Earlier, Orathai’s sister’s testimony suggested she fought with her husband over his plan to visit Pattaya.

Hideous development as reports suggest police investigators found a Jack of Hearts card lodged at the back of the murdered woman’s mouth sealed with tape

Before, there were unconfirmed reports that a Jack of Hearts card was found in her gullet while her mouth was covered with duct tape.

Swiss man waits at home for his missing Thai wife as local police search a nearby lake for her body as mood darkens

The Swiss man, earlier on Monday, had tried to retrieve his passport from police. Instead, he found himself confronting the truth and hard questions from investigators.

Unable to answer, the wife killer caved and revealed the tissue of lies he had woven since January 8 last when he murdered Ms Orathai.

In contrast to the cruel death delivered by Mr Roland, her first, late husband in 2021 bequeathed Ms Orathai ฿13 million.

Certainly, the brutal crime, involving strangulation, comes as a shocking blow to the people in the Chaliang Subdistrict of Khonburi in Nakhon Ratchasima. 

Police discovered the decomposing body on its back in a lonely cornfield just 6 kilometres from the couple’s home. Mr Roland broke down under questioning

Earlier, police discovered the lifeless body in a cornfield. This was a mere 6 kilometres from the couple’s residence in Ban Khok Khang, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Afterwards, the grim details emerged during a lengthy police interrogation. Indeed, police grilled their suspect for over 5 hours.

Finally, Mr Roland admitted to murdering Orathai in a fit of rage following a heated argument. Police gave a harrowing account to the press based on the belated testimony of the accused. 

Full identity of the Swiss man awaited as well as the exact charges being brought by police who are still actively pursuing their enquiries into the case

His account reveals that after taking his wife’s life, he transported her body on a motorcycle. Afterwards, he abandoned it in the desolate cornfield and travelled to Pattaya.

Significantly, the Swiss man’s full identity is still awaited. 

The remains were found lying on its back just three metres from the entrance to a cornfield. Her body lay unburied. The corpse wore a black T-shirt. It was fully clothed with a coat and pants but had decomposed to just dry skin and bones. 

The investigation took an even grislier turn when the authorities discovered a ‘Jack of Hearts’ card lodged in Orathai’s throat. 

This contradicts Mr Roland’s initial claim of accidental strangulation. Furthermore, police have not yet charged the man but this development could mean a more serious charge of murder involving torture.

In brief, this appears to be a sadistic crime committed out of monstrous anger directed towards Mr Roland’s wife.

Grisly development has complicated the investigation

This discrepancy has complicated the case. Moreover, police enquiries are now looking into potentially more sinister foul play, abuse, or possible post-mortem manipulation of the corpse.

The grieving father of the deceased, Mr Thod Posingam, expressed a mix of sorrow and anger. He condemned Roland’s cruelty, citing the family’s past kindness towards him.

The grieving father urged karma to catch up with Roland during a lengthy prison sentence. The disconsolate father emphasised the severity of the offence.

Amid the unfolding tragedy, Roland now remains in police custody. He awaits formal charges. The investigators are meticulously examining all evidence and testimony. Police are trying to ensure a strong prosecution case to secure justice for the 46-year-old woman.

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