Nadet Sitmanomai used a van he had borrowed from his employer in Samut Sakhon as an instrument of murder on 42-year-old Somkiat Kriangkraiwakin as he attempted to bind and falsely imprison the man’s wife, Natchada, who he snatched from the street in the early hours of Tuesday as the couple had been walking home from Lumpini.

Police have charged a 44-year-old sex pervert with kidnapping and murder following his arrest on Wednesday night in the Chom Thong area of Bangkok. It follows his brutal kidnapping of a woman early on Tuesday morning near Lumpini and his use of a Volkswagen passenger van to mow down her heroic husband in the act.

44-year-old Nadet Sitmanomai who is to appear in court in Bangkok on Friday where police are requesting his continued detention. He has been charged with murder, kidnapping and firearms charges following his arrest on Wednesday night. The pervert kidnapped a 35-year-old woman near Lumpini early on Tuesday morning. He callously mowed down her heroic husband as he absconded with the man’s wife.

A 44-year old Thai man is to appear before the Bangkok South Criminal Court on Friday charged with kidnapping and murder following a bizarre and horrendous incident in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

42-year-old Somkiat Kriangkraiwakin and his 35-year-old wife, Natchada, were walking home from the Lumpini area at 3 am on Tuesday.

Man was dragged for some distance by the bronze Volkswagen van after being run over

It is reported that the woman was taken off the street by the driver of a bronze Volkswagen van in what police describe as an attempted kidnapping.

Reports are not clear how the victim, Ms Natchada, was able to be pulled inside the vehicle by her crazed attacker. 

Some reports suggest that police are aware that the van, using covered number plates, was known in the area for regularly trawling to pick up sex workers and prostitutes. 

There are also reports that the man attempted to bind and restrain the woman once he had her locked inside the van.

Heroic husband stood in front of the Volkswagen

The kidnapping attempt prompted a heroic response from the woman’s husband Mr Somkiat. He stood in front of the vehicle as it attempted to make its getaway from the scene with his wife aboard.

The driver knocked him down with the Volkswagen passenger carrier.

The injured man was dragged by the vehicle until it collided with signage on the outgoing roadway near the Thai-Belgian bridge in the Pathumwan area of central Bangkok.

Woman tried to bite her attacker before jumping out

The 35 years old woman resisted her kidnapper who police have named as 44-year-old, Nadet Sitmanomai. The woman is understood to have bitten him in the ear.

She also jostled with him over the gear stick. Finally, the woman, gauging her attacker’s efforts to control the vehicle, jumped out onto the roadway.

Passersby later observed her with torn clothes, asking people for help. She jumped from the vehicle in the Yannawa district near Wat Chong Lom.

Husband rescued but died shortly after

Her husband, Mr Somkiat, was rescued by emergency services from the scene where the van had crashed into the roadway signage and had later sped off.

Unfortunately, he died in hospital as a result of the traumatic injuries he had suffered while desperately trying to rescue his wife.

Suspect arrested on Wednesday night outside a convenience store in the Chom Thong area

On Wednesday night, July 22nd at 8 pm, police detained Mr Nadet at a Tesco Lotus convenience store in the Chom Thong area of Bangkok. He was arrested on a warrant 422/63 issued by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on the same day.

He had earlier been monitored by police using Ms Natchada’s mobile phone.

Chief of Metropolitan Police visited Tungmahamek police station after the villain’s arrest

He was arrested by officers from Tungmahamek police station.

Police Colonel Suthee Sanehlaksana, on Thursday, gave details as a reenactment of the crime took place.

It is reported that Metropolitan Police Chief, Lieutenant General Phukphong Phongpetra, attended the police station on Wednesday evening after the culprit was brought in.

Mr Nadet admitted his actions to investigating officers but pointed out that he had not intended to kill the 44-year-old husband of the kidnap victim.

Van owned by man’s employer in Samut Sakhon

Police have learned that the Volkswagen van, used by the kidnapper to commit the crime, is owned by his employer of 6 years, a factory owner in Samut Sakhon.

Police found the vehicle on Wednesday abandoned in the Chom Thong area of Bangkok near where Mr Nadet was later arrested.

The factory owner had trusted Mr Nadet who had worked for him for 6 years. The accused was even allowed a spare key to his property and vehicle.

On Friday, police are understood to be requesting a 12 day extension to the suspect’s detention as the investigation continues.

He currently faces the charge of murder, kidnapping as well as illegal possession and use of a firearm.

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