Husband’s drunken rage ends in brutal murder. Pakkret Police in Nonthaburi cracked the case on Tuesday evening after a grim discovery in Prachin Buri province. Young wife was beaten to death at home with a brick. The confessed murderer, Sirichai Rakthong or ‘Toy,’ faces justice after a savage attack. CCTV captured an earlier chilling assault on the road home.

A young husband was arrested on Tuesday night for the brutal murder of his wife. The woman was beaten to death in the early hours of Sunday morning in Nonthaburi. 33-year-old Sirichai Rakthong or ‘Toy’ reported his wife missing on Monday morning. The murder occurred hours after the couple left a restaurant at 1 am after celebrating Mr Sirichai’s birthday with friends. The charred skeletal remains of 27-year-old Chonlada Muthuwong or ‘Noon’ were subsequently found in a remote rubber plantation in Prachin Buri province on Tuesday. Police investigators in Pakkret were able to link the young woman’s mobile phone to the site. In addition, CCTV footage came to light showing Ms Chonlada being beaten by her husband. It led to his arrest on Tuesday night.

Police took 33 year old Sirichai Rakthong or ‘Toy’ to different locations on Wednesday as they staged reenactments of the circumstances surrounding the murder of his wife, 27 year old Ms Chonlada Muthuwong or ‘Noon’ (inset) in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was arrested by police on Tuesday night. This came after his wife’s charred remains were located in Prachin Buri province. He is expected to be charged with  premeditated murder.

On Wednesday, Thai police from Pakkret Police Station staged a crime reenactment of a murder.

Investigators on Tuesday night swooped on the home of a husband. They had already visited earlier on Tuesday after the young woman was reported missing on Monday.

On Monday, February 19th Sirichai Rakthong reported his wife as missing after what he claimed was a violent quarrel in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Murder in Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi near Bangkok. 33-year-old husband broke down under police questioning hours after his arrest on Tuesday night

The murder took place in the Muang Thong Thani area of Nonthaburi, just outside Bangkok.

33-year-old Sirichai Rakthong or ‘Toy’ broke down following his arrest.

He now stands accused of murdering his wife, Chonlada Muthuwong, 27 or ‘Noon’. It followed a violent altercation between the pair after celebrating his birthday with friends on Saturday night.

Reportedly, the couple left a restaurant on the Ramintra Expressway at 1 am on Sunday morning. Both were drunk.

As their white BMW 330 D with a Bangkok registration rolled home with their young daughter aboard, a quarrel erupted.

At length, according to Mr Sirichai, it was a remark made by his wife over an ex-girlfriend. On Monday, ‘Toy’ told police that his wife also referred to past boyfriends. It soon extended to the couple’s money problems.

After the couple returned to their three-story townhouse in the Luk Golf project on Chaeng Wattana Road in Muang Thong Thani, the argument grew fiercer and violent.

‘Toy’ became enraged, went outside and came back with a brick. He beat his 27-year-old wife three times over the head with it, knocking her unconscious

The 33-year-old man finally lost control. He went outside, brought in a brick and hit his wife three times over the head. She fell unconscious.

Afterwards, he told police that he only realised she was dead an hour or so later.

The harrowing incident in Nonthaburi province, culminated in Mr Sirichai ‘s panicked attempt to conceal his crime.

He recalled an eerie rubber plantation in Prachin Buri where he formerly used to meet his wife when she worked in Poipet, Cambodia.

He packed her body in a suitcase and put it in the car.

The crazed husband, now a murderer, stopped at a service station and had two petrol cans filled with a gallon each. Significantly, he did not emerge from the vehicle.

Spent one hour beside his wife’s burning body in a remote rubber plantation imploring her spirit to forgive him for violently murdering her hours earlier

Later on, on reaching the secluded rubber plantation area, he opened the case, poured the petrol and set his wife’s body alight.

On Wednesday, he revealed that he spent an hour at the spot imploring his wife’s spirit to forgive him.

He subsequently returned to Pakkret and the next day reported her missing.

He lied to police assuring them he had not killed his wife. In his false version of events, she jumped out of the car and disappeared in a temper.

The grisly details emerged bit by bit on Wednesday.

They came to light as Sirichai or ‘Toy’ was escorted for the reenactment of the crime. This curious feature of Thai police work shone a light on the tragedy that occurred early on Sunday morning.

A case of premeditated murder despite the heated nature of the couple’s quarrel and the alleged provocation caused by his wife’s stinging comments 

According to police officers, the couple’s celebration took a dark turn after they split up with friends.

Sirichai later allegedly assaulted his wife with a brick.

Although stung by anger at his wife’s spiteful remarks, it was a premeditated murder that led to her untimely demise.

Police, at the same time, revealed chilling surveillance footage capturing the brutality inflicted upon Ms Chonlada or ‘Noon’ on Chaeng Wattana Road.

The recordings, broadcast widely on television, showcased the viciousness of the hostility that erupted between the couple.

Police investigators explained in detail how Mr Sirichai or Toy had a birthday party on Saturday evening last.

Toy’s birthday festivities turned violent shortly after the couple left the restaurant on Sunday morning. Chonlada unquestionably exited the car on the way home but was subsequently assaulted on the street by Toy.

This was captured on CCTV and identified by police on Tuesday night.

It came shortly before they arrested their suspect, now confirmed as a wife murderer.

Police in Prachin Buri discovered the charred human remains on Tuesday. It was not long before they were linked with a woman’s disappearance in Nonthaburi

Before that, investigators had just been notified that a woman’s charred remains had been found.

They were discovered along with a burned suitcase containing her belongings earlier in a rubber plantation in Prachin Buri.

Police Major General Pumin Singhasut is the Prachin Buri police chief.

He confirmed the discovery of Chonlada’s personal effects. These included her bracelet and gold ring, which were recovered alongside her skeletal remains.

Furthermore, her mobile phone signal was traced to the area, further implicating Sirichai in the crime.

Sirichai’s arrest was followed by intense interrogation by police for two hours.

During his intense encounter with investigators armed with evidence, he confessed to the brutal murder of his young wife. Then, he retracted his earlier tissue of lies.

Toy recounted a night of heavy drinking culminating in a fatal argument.

He explained to officers that he was provoked by references to his ex-girlfriend. The altercation escalated into violence, resulting in Chonlada being bludgeoned to death in a rage.

Murder took place at the couple’s three-storey residence located near the Chaeng Watthana Road in Muang Thong Thani near Bangkok at 3 am on Sunday morning

Details of the events leading up to the murder were given by Police Colonel Sompol Wongsrisunthorn, the Nonthaburi police deputy chief.

He revealed that Chonlada was murdered at the couple’s residence in Nonthaburi. She was struck on the head with a blunt object, a brick.

This is thought to have occurred at approximately 3 am.

Sirichai’s subsequent attempt to dispose of the body was outlined.

This involved stuffing it into a suitcase and setting it ablaze in a remote rubber plantation. The evidence obtained by police in Prachin Buri and Nonthaburi was irrefutable.

The reenactment of the crime provided investigators with crucial insights into the sequence of events that unfolded.

Sirichai’s tearful confession was driven by the gravity of his actions. He has reportedly reached out to apologise for the devastating loss suffered by Ms Chonlada’s loved ones.

This includes Ms Chonlada’s mother. At this time, she told reporters she was incapable of reacting.

The older woman expressed concern for her granddaughter. At the same time, she described what happened to her daughter as cruel.

Chonlada’s mother awaits DNA tests as police finalise case against her daughter’s husband for murder

In a heart-wrenching revelation, Chonlada’s mother said she was worried for her granddaughter of 1 year and 2 months. The infant was sleeping fitfully in the wake of her mother’s tragic demise.

The family’s anguish was palpable on Wednesday. At this time, they are awaiting DNA test results from the Institute of Forensics to confirm Chonlada’s identity.

As the investigation progresses, a prosecution case for murder is being built. In short, questions linger regarding Sirichai’s motive despite clear evidence of premeditation in the crime. 

At length, the case serves as a grim reminder of rising domestic violence in Thai households.

Undoubtedly also, the gratuitous and appalling violence towards women in the kingdom.

Certainly, one of the causes of the violent quarrel on Sunday morning was money and the young couple’s finances.

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