The student was stabbed 3 times and left beside his blood-stained Honda motorbike. Later, a 20-year-old student was attacked by a group of 10 motorcyclists who murdered him with bike helmets and knives. The incidents follow the arrest of the 18-year-old owner of a pistol firearm on Thursday last used in connection with the murder of 16-year-old student Chanathip Piamyoo last Monday. The gun was bought on the black market for ฿2,000.

Friday and early Saturday morning saw police in Bangkok investigate two separate knife crimes linked to young students. The first saw a 17-year-old teenager named as Bas lose his life after he pursued a former friend for a ฿400 debt on his motorbike and was later found stabbed to death. The second incident occurred later when a group of 10 motorbikers attacked a 20-year old student from King Mongkut University and left him dead. Both incidents follow the arrest of a student on Thursday whose ฿2,000 firearm was used to murder a student from a rival college, the Bangkok Institute of Technology. Police have so far arrested 16 people out of a gang of 22 who took part in the attack on Monday last. 6 of them were adults. 

Scenes from Bangkok overnight on Friday and Saturday morning. (Inset bottom) a Thai girl cries over the body of 17-year-old Bas as he lies on the ground. The main photo shows the scene in Bangsue in Bangkok where 20-year-old King Mongkut Univesity student Witcha Noo-udom died after being attacked by 10 men on motorbikes who used helmets and knives to kill him in the early hours of Saturday morning. (Inset Top) An 18-year-old Thai student displays the ฿2,000 firearm used to kill rival student 16-year-old Chanathip Piamyoo who was murdered last Monday in an attack by students on a rival group in the city from the Bangkok Institute of Technology. The 18-year-old from Samut Prakan was named by police as Mr Peerawich.

The problem of violence among young Thai men in urban areas in Thailand and in particular the Bangkok metropolitan area was highlighted on Friday night and Saturday morning when two young men of 17 and 20 years of age were stabbed to death in separate stabbings.

Young man died retrieving a ฿400 baht debt

Both incidents involved younger men on motorbikes. One of the young men is believed to have died after he attempted to recover ฿400 from a friend he had fallen out with. This follows the arrest of another young Thai man in Samut Prakan on Thursday whose handgun which he had purchased for ฿2,000, was used to kill a rival college student on Monday last in Bangkok.

17-year-old victim named as Bas by friends

Last night, Thai police from Samkhok police station in Pathum Thani province in the north of Bangkok and the metropolitan area were called to a heartbreaking scene. A 17-year old Thai man lying in his own blood on the ground with a Thai woman weeping over his body. The man was identified as Bas by his friends.

Murder occurred in the Somkhok district of Pathum Thani in the greater Bangkok area

The scene of the incident was near the Wat Krang temple in the Samkhok district of the province. Thai police found the young man lying with his face on the ground when they arrived to investigate. A Honda Wave 125cc motorbike was also lying there covered with bloodstains. The police at the scene were led by Lieutenant Colonel Somkiat Simakup.

The police spoke to a witness believed to be a friend of the deceased young man who volunteered information to assist them with their investigation. The witness was named as 17-year-old Mr Natthasit.

Friend tried to dissuade Bas from chasing after the debt when saw a former friend go by

The witness told the police that both himself and his friend Bas were heading home on Friday evening when they spotted a former friend of the deceased riding in the opposite direction with a passenger riding pillion behind him. Mr Nathasit said his friend wished to give chase to the man as he owed him a debt of ฿400. Mr Nathasit tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him from this course of action.

Later when his friend failed to return, he searched for him and found the scene before them. Mr Natthasit then called in the police.

Police now focusing on CCTV footage

Lieutenant Colonel Somkiat Simakup told reporters that the police would now gather as much CCTV footage as possible to confirm and authenticate the story as a priority. They were also sending the victim’s body to the Medical Institute of Forensic Science to have an autopsy conducted. The deceased had been stabbed three times in the left side of the body, the left arm and the collarbone.

Gang attack in the Bangsue area of Bangkok followed, left another young man dead

The stabbing in Pathum Thani was also accompanied later by the news of an attack in the Bangsue area of Bangkok which left another young man lying in a puddle of blood. That incident occurred on Wongsawang Soi 11 and Thai police at Prachachuen police station were alerted at 12.30am.

Victim was a 20-year old student at King Mongkut University, died from 2 neck wounds

Police Lieutenant Ponlawat Nakthomya is the deputy head of investigation at the police station. He told reporters that the victim of the fatal attack was 20-year old Witcha Noo-udom. The man was a 20-year-old student at King Mongkut University, a technology centre located in Thonburi in the north of Bangkok

Police found that the victim had expired from two deep stab wounds to his neck. Their investigations established that Mr Wictha and two friends had left a restaurant near the murder scene not long before the attack occurred.

Man was attacked by 10 men on motorcycles

As the three men walked along Soi 11, approximately 10 men on motorcycles accosted the group and specifically seemed to target Mr Witcha. They attacked him violently using motorbike helmets and knives leaving the unfortunate man dead on the ground in their wake after they had fled. 

Police looking for the motive of the attack which targeted the 20-year-old man

Police are said to be looking for a motive for the attack and to discover why it specifically targeted the 20-year-old man. Local reports from the scene suggest that some people in the area observed a young Thai woman wearing bloodstained clothes walking near the location of the murder. The local witnesses said that she was speaking to a woman on her smartphone and said that her younger brother was among the gang of 10 who carried out the appalling act.

18-year-old student arrested on Thursday in connection with rival college attack on Monday which saw a 16-year-old student from a rival college dead

On Thursday, Thai police arrested an 18-year old student at a house in the Bang Po district of Samut Prakan. He was arrested in connection with the killing of 16-year-old Chanathip Piamyoo last Monday in an attack which left two other students injured. It is understood that the deceased man and the injured students were part of a group of students from the Bangkok College of Industrial Technology located in Khet Bang Kapi, Bangkok.

Police took the 18-year-old to retrieve the murder weapon, a pistol purchased for ฿2,000

After being arrested, the 18-year old named as Mr Peerawich (police have yet to release his surname) was taken by arresting police officers to a dumpsite in the Bang Phli district. There, police working in co-operation with the suspect were able to retrieve the murder weapon used in Monday’s attack. It had been wrapped in a plastic bag and placed under a tree. Mr Peerawich admitted to police that he was the owner of the firearm which he had bought on the black market for ฿2,000.

16 people out of 22 involved in the attack arrested – 9 attackers last Monday were adults

Police have also revealed that 22 people including nine adults and 13 teenagers were involved in the attack last Monday at Wat Sri Iam in Bangkok in which they attacked the deceased student Mr Chanathip and five friends.

So far, in the course of the investigation by Friday, 16 of the suspects were being held in custody with warrants for the arrest of the other 6 being processed by police eager to bring everyone involved in the crime to justice.