A Thai government official driving a white car heading for Sattahip told police that his car was unable to stop as the UK motorcyclist cut across him while attempting a U-turn on what is known as a treacherous road.

Another western foreigner has been killed in a motorcyclist accident in Thailand. On Wednesday, a UK man died in the glaring sunshine on a noisy and bustling highway outbound from Pattaya after his motorbike hit a passenger car at speed. The UK man’s blood smeared the highway as rescue workers tried frantically to revive him.

Rescue workers and police attend the scene on an outbound motorway from Pattaya on Wednesday after 74-year-old UK man John Gresty lost his life in a motorbike accident after his motorbike (inset) was hit by a white Honda sedan (inset) while attempting to undertake a U-turn on what is recognised as a particularly dangerous junction on the busy road.

An elderly UK man breathed his last on Wednesday after his motorbike was hit by a car while trying to make a U-turn on a notoriously difficult stretch of road in Pattaya. The incident occurred on a busy and notoriously dangerous junction in Pattaya, a city which continues to see fatal accidents involving foreigners riding motorbikes.

Witness saw rescue workers giving Gresty CPR 

An eye witness to the accident saw emergency responders desperately trying to give CPR to the prostrate man at the scene but it was soon clear the 74-year-old John Gresty had perished.

Pattaya police disclosed that the accident occurred on the Sukhumvit road outbound out of the resort city. 

Car driven by a Thai government official 

Mr Gresty’s red motorbike was hit by a white sedan car driven by a Thai government official named as Sornchai Phetchamras.

Mr Sornchai, who works with Provincial Fisheries Office in Chonburi, said he was driving on the motorway when the 74-year-old’s motorbike cut across him while attempting to make a U-Turn on the busy and notorious 4 lane highway.

Impossible to stop as UK man tried to cross his path

The Thai driver said he simply could not stop his car in time to avoid hitting the UK motorcyclist. The Thai man said the UK man on his motorbike came across his driving lane suddenly.

Mr Sornachai said he was travelling to the Sattahip district of the province when the tragedy took place.

Police officers investigating the accident are reported to be in the process of collecting all available CCTV footage to understand exactly what happened and how the UK man met his death.

At the scene, police received documentation to establish the identity of the British man but could not confirm whether he was an expat living in Pattaya or a tourist.

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