Nigerian drugs gang smashed by Thai police and ฿250 million in illicit cash recovered during a raid on a home in Samut Prakan this week. The mastermind behind the narcotics syndicate, Nigerian John Uwe, now faces the prospect of the death penalty for his leadership of a drugs network with links worldwide to Africa from Thailand’s notorious borders within the Golden Triangle to Japan. The gang used Thai women as drug mules to transport drugs for use by Africans living in neighbouring Asian countries.

Thai police announced this week that they had seized ฿250 million during an extensive operation which saw a Nigerian drug cartel smashed and its leader, as well as 10 others, taken into custody after raids on 19 different locations throughout the kingdom.  

This week a press conference attended by top Thai police officers including Narcotics Suppression Bureau commissioner, Police Lieutenant General Chinnapat Sarasin and Assistant Police Chief Police Lieutenant General Wisanu Prasartthongosot, gave details of Operation Black Sashimi which saw 11 arrested including Nigerian drug kingpin John Uwe for running an international drugs cartel from Thailand. ฿250 million in cash was seized from a house in Samut Prakan province.

In a major blow to the drugs trade this week, senior police revealed that a drugs ring that used Thai women as mules to supply customers in Japan and other neighbouring countries had been smashed.

The police operation involved raids on no less than 19 locations throughout Thailand and saw 11 people arrested including Thai and foreign nationals.

Operation dubbed ‘Black Sashimi’ as drugs ring is smashed in nationwide arrests in Thailand

Narcotics Suppression Bureau commissioner, Police Lieutenant General Chinnapat Sarasin, gave details of the operation dubbed ‘black sashimi’ which originated from a valuable tip-off from police agencies in Japan.

The top police officer said the operation was the result of weeks of work as officers gathered intelligence on the group with extensive links to the booming Golden Triangle drugs area, north of Thailand’s borders and the deadly drugs trade.

He was speaking at a press conference for the media attended also by assistant police chief Police Lieutenant General Wisanu Prasartthongosot. 

฿250 million in cash seized in Samut Prakan while ฿42 million in assets seized in Chiang Rai province

Lieutenant General Chinnapat revealed that in one of the raids, a staggering ฿250 million in cash had been seized from a home in Samut Prakan while ฿42 million in assets had been frozen in Chiang Rai. 

The northern Thai province is associated with the self-ruled Golden Triangle drug-producing region which also extends into Myanmar and Laos.

Leader of the gang named as Nigerian man Johh Uwe may face the death penalty if convicted in court

He named the leader of the drugs ring as Nigerian national, Johne Uwe, assisted by his Thai associate, Mr Chatchawal Rojanaphat. Both men were among those collared in the police action.

If convicted, both men may also face the definite prospect of the death penalty which Thai courts have consistently handed down in recent years to leaders of illegal drug concerns where large financial dealings are involved.

Military official also arrested at the Chumphon border where 100 kg of heroin was seized

The operation also saw a security official arrested at a checkpoint in Chumphon province.

This was Flight Sergeant 2nd Class Suwat Phantaeng who was arrested along with fellow national Wan Khosaeng as 100kg of heroin were seized from a vehicle.

Police also recovered 500 kg of crystal methamphetamines in the operation as well as a range of other substances including speed pills, ketamine and kratom leaves.

Tip-off from Japanese police suggesting that the gang was using Thai women as drug mules

Police in Japan had tipped off Thai authorities that the drugs syndicate was supplying drugs to the African market in Japan and other Asian countries and was using poor and vulnerable Thai women as drug mules to transport drugs to supply the expanding market for illegal narcotics. 

It is understood that several other Africans are members of the crime ring.

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