Thai police are still investigating the incident that occurred last Friday at an upmarket condominium in the fashionable Thong Lor area of Bangkok. They are anxious to find out more about a Spaniard who is now being held in police custody pending legal proceedings being moved against him for rape. He has already been charged with a crime which could see him facing 4 to 20 years imprisonment if found guilty. Police are also reported to be following up all people who met the Spanish man and the victim on the night of Friday February 15th last which led to a harrowing ordeal for the Thai woman.

He appears to be a wealthy young man. A jet setter who visits Bangkok often from his home in Spain. On Monday last, the playboy world of a Spaniard, an internet marketing specialist, seems to have come part when Thai police arrested him on a court order for the alleged violent rape of a Thai women in the fashionable area of Thong Lor on Friday night. The Thai court issued the warrant after the Royal Thai police heard that the Spaniard handcuffed his victim, molested her and had full sexual intercourse with her against her will. Her friend is understood to have left her alone with the Spaniard in his luxury apartment.

Thailand’s Immigration boss Lieutenant General Hapkarn hosted a press conference on Tuesday to detail the shocking incident that occurred on Friday night last, the 15th February at Thong Lor in Bangkok. A Thai woman filed a formal complaint against a 30 year old Spaniard alleging that he raped her after forcing handcuffs on her when she was left alone with the European at his luxury apartment in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok after a night out with friends. A Thai court issued an arrest for the man after the woman made the claims. The Spaniard, arrested on Monday, could be facing up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of the charges he is now facing.

A Spanish man was arrested this Monday in relation to a weekend incident in Bangkok after a young Thai woman made a complaint to the Royal Thai Police at Thong Lor, an upmarket area in Bangkok, that she had been violently raped by the man after he had restrained her with handcuffs at his luxury apartment in the neighbourhood on Friday night last. The 30 year old man was named as a 30 year old young man working in internet business.

Thai court issued an arrest warrant for the Spaniard after women filed a rape complaint with Thong Lor police in Bangkok after harrowing ordeal

On Tuesday, the Head of Thailand’s Immigration Bureau presented details of the case to the press. These included pictures of the scene showing a pair of handcuffs, the man’s Spanish/EU passport and pictures of the rape victim who had visible marks on her neck. Police Lieutenant General Surachate Hapkarn revealed that he had been called in on the case by police in Bangkok and Thong Lor on Monday. He ordered the arrest of the man who was soon tracked down by Immigration police. The Spaniard was arrested after the Thai woman had filed her complaint to the Thai police at Thong Lor and authorities have reacted that. A Thai court had issued an arrest warrant on the basis of the women’s serious allegations of rape. Police have also revealed that the Spanish man is facing the charge of having sexual intercourse with a woman who is not his wife and against her will using coercion and violence.

Spaniard forced handcuffs on Thai woman and violently raped her when they were alone

Police have already begun an extensive investigation into the incident. It appears that the Spaniard met the victim on Friday, 15th February while out socializing at one of the many party places in Thong Lor, one of Bangkok’s most fashionable areas and home of many great clubs and bars. The press was told by the Immigration police chief that the girl accompanied the Spaniard to a condominium in Thong Lor after they had left the place of entertainment with another girlfriend. When she arrived at the condo, the woman ask to use the bathroom. When she emerged, she found that she was alone in the apartment with the 30 year old Spaniard. He then proceeded to molest her and forced handcuffs on her wrist, restraining her. The woman then claims that the man forced himself on her sexually and had full intercourse. During the ordeal, the Thai woman received marks to the neck. The Thai police boss told the press that the handcuff restraints made it impossible for the woman to physically resist the man. The woman reported the rape to police at Thong Lor Police station after the incident took place.

Thai police seek more information on Spaniard

It is reported that Thai police are seeking more background information on the Spaniard. They have found that the 20 year old was the bearer of a Thailand Elite card which grants the hearer an extendable visa to stay in Thailand over a five year period and can cost anywhere from ฿500,000 to ฿1,000,000. However it now appears that that although the card was valid up to December 31st 2019, it has now been cancelled as a critical condition of the card and scheme is that the bearer is not found to be in breach of Thailand’s laws. It has been reported that on that basis the Spaniard may also be facing problems with Thai Immigration as, without the card, his visa expired on January 31st, two weeks before the incident and 20 days after he entered the kingdom. This would normally involve payment of of a fine but that for now, it is very much the least of the Spaniard’s problems.

Spaniard a regular visitor to Thailand

The Thai Immigration boss revealed that the Spanish man entered Thailand on January 1st 2019 having received his card and visa on the 31st December 2018. The Thai police have discovered that he is a regular visitor to Thailand with over 38 separate visits in all. This follows a pattern as Bangkok has become a party city for many of wealthy young across the world but particularly in Europe where young, professional and male singles see Bangkok as mecca for night life and high living. The police revealed that the Spaniard’s occupation was that of an ‘internet marketing specialist’ and his country of residence is Spain. As well as probing the background of the perpetrator, it is also understood that Thai police are following up with all these involved on the night of the 15th of February.

He is now being held in police custody until the legal process swings into action. If convicted of the charges he is facing, he could be sentenced by a Thai court a prison sentence of four to twenty years depending on any aggravating factor and the level of his co-operation.

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