Arrest and seizure of ฿ 1 million in sex toys for men and women as well as 2,000 sex pills comes just over a week after a Thai political party stood on a contentious platform of legalizing sex toys in Thailand and extended opening hours for adult orientated playground which highlight sexually suggestive dancing and are often a front for prostitution. Although election results are not finalized until May 9th, it looks like the Thai Rak Tham Party may have actually managed to win a seat with over 33,000 votes but this is still subject to confirmation by the election commission. Sex toys and paraphernalia are highly contentious in Thailand where many conservative Thai people see the items as deeply offensive to the right order of things while, as we saw in the election, some, albeit a very small number, who would like things to change.

A Thai man is reported to have been charged with selling sex drugs and adult sex paraphernalia online through social media following a raid by an elite Thai police force on his home this week. Up to ฿1 million in pills and merchandise was seized by the police.

The Head of the Thai Police Information Technology Task Force this week displays some of the merchandise seized when Thai police raided a home in Pathum Thani. A Thai man was operating a lucrative online retail trade using the social media app LINE to market a range of male and female sex toys and sex drugs to the public without licence and contrary to Thai law. He has been arrested and so far faces two charges.

Thai police have raided a home in Pathum Thani and arrested a 59 year old man for selling sex pills and sex toys online. The man, named as Wanchatchai Kessomboon, was arrested by Thai police officers working under the orders of Thailand’s task force to combat Information Technology crime.

Thai man was buying products from a division of Chinese giant Alibaba and selling online

It has emerged that the Thai man was operating an online retail operation selling sex products on social media. Mr Kessomboon was purchasing the sex merchandise from Ali Express, a huge online retailer which is a trading division of the Chinese behemoth Alibaba. The 59 year old was using the popular LINE social media app to market the products and accept payments online for merchandise sold.

Raid prompted after tip offs for the Thai public to the police incensed at the sale of sex toys

It is understood that Thai police were working on a tip off when they raised the man’s home in the Klong Luang area of Pathum Thani this week. Reports to Thai police suggested that Mr Kessomboon was selling sex drugs and sex toys. A police search of his home found up to ฿1 million in merchandise including 2,500 pills to boosts sexual appetite and a range of sex toys for men and women.

Thai political party which ran on legalizing sex toys thought not to have won seats election

Many people in Thailand are offended by the commercialization of sex like this and in particular sex toys. There is also an abhorrence of drugs in Thailand. During the recent Thai election, Thailand’s Thai Rak Tham Party ran on the platform of the legalizing sex toys and extended opening hours for adult entertainment centers which are home to sexual dancing and also thought to be a front for prostitution. Some of the founders and organizers for the party were past and present workers within such venues. Although results of the election will not be confirmed until May 9th, the party looks like it has managed to gain a seat through Thailand’s party list system which favours smaller parties. However, we will have to await the final results are announced for this to be confirmed as the the number of votes is small and there has been some confusion about the party list computation process.

The question of the legalization of sex toys in Thailand has become contentious with many deeply conservative Thai people radically opposed to such a move.

Thai man faces now a number of charges for selling sex merchandise following police swoop

The arrest and raid this week was announced to the press by the head of Information Technology Task Force Police, Lieutenant General Surachate Hapkarn. He has been charged with selling drugs online without the appropriate licences and selling sex toys which are illegal in Thailand and considered offensive to traditional Thai culture.

Legal sex toys and 24 hour adult entertainment venues are key questions for Thai society