Thai police at Wichit Police Station in Phuket are confident that they will find the attacker involved in a cold blooded knife attack on a UK man last Wednesday. They have been told by the UK man’s Thai girlfriend that the attack is part of an ongoing conflict between her boyfriend and an ex partner.

Thai police are searching for a knife man who attacked a 35 year old UK national after he arrived at a local café in Phuket on Wednesday evening last for a meeting arranged with her ex boyfriend through a popular social networking app. The Thai woman is believed to be at the center of a love triangle between her current boyfriend and ex lover. She told Thai police that she believed her ex boyfriend, another foreigner, was currently in Dubai but may have been behind the attack.

Thai emergency workers remove UK man Neil Goodwin after he was attacked by a knife man on Wednesday last as he arrived at the We Café with his Thai girlfriend Sudarat Harnma supposedly to meet her ex love partner, another foreigner. The rendezvous was arranged through LINE. After the incident the Thai woman told investigating police that she suspected that her ex partner may have orchestrated the attack and confirmed that the man with the knife was another foreigner thought to be a teenager.

A love triangle between a Thai woman and two foreigners saw one of the men stabbed two times on Wednesday evening at a café in the Wichit area of Phuket. It is reported that the Thai woman, Sudarat Harnma, and her current boyfriend, 35 year old UK national, Neil Goodwin, had arranged a rendezvous with the Thai woman’s ex partner through the popular LINE application at the venue.

As the couple emerged from their car at the meeting point, the UK man was violently attacked

Just after 6.30 pm as the couple emerged from their car and walked towards the We Café on Chao Fa West Rd, a man reported to be a teenage foreigner, attacked him with a knife. He wounded the UK man in the shoulder and in the lower part of the body.

Injured man taken to hospital with stab wounds

Emergency services were called to the scene and provided medical attention to the UK national as he lay on the ground. He was later removed to Phuket International Hospital. Major Ekkachai Siri of the Phuket Tourist Police confirmed the incident on Friday to the local English newspaper in Phuket the Phuket News. He revealed that the UK man lived in the Rawai area of the city. The injured man was treated by hospital medical personnel for stab wounds.

Thai woman suggest to police that her ex boyfriend may have been behind the attack

Suadart Harnam told investigating Thai police that she was the UK man’s girlfriend but also gave the background to the current incident. She revealed that the UK man, her current boyfriend, had been involved in an ongoing conflict with her ex partner. She told police that her ex boyfriend arranged the meeting at the café but at the same time said the she believed him to be in Dubai. She said that the attacker, reported to be another foreigner, was not her ex boyfriend. She intimated to the investigating police that her former boyfriend may have orchestrated the attack.

All three men involved are foreigners

The Chief of Wichit Police, Colonel Nikorn Somsuk, is reported to be confident of finding the man who perpetrated the attack. ‘I don’t think it will be difficult to find the attacker,’ he said. ‘Before the attack, there was a dispute over Ms Sudarat as she has two boyfriends at the same time.’ The police chief also confirmed that all the men involved in the incident are foreigners. Thai Tourist Police in Phuket are coordinating with the local police at Wichit to apprehend the perpetrator.

The police chief confirmed that the UK man is not seriously injured but was being kept under observation by medical staff at the hospital until they decide to discharge him.