The tragedy occurred in Samut Songkhram province, an old, historic and small province southwest of Bangkok on the gulf. It was a holiday in Thailand on Tuesday and the pavilion was a popular spot with locals, ferry travellers and visitors to a temple just next to it. The shock caused by the news of the building falling into the water was shared by millions of Thai people online. 

Thai rescuers including dive teams on Wednesday found the body of the second woman killed on Tuesday when a popular restaurant and pavilion at the water’s edge in the Muang area of Samut Songkhram slid into the Mae Klong River with over twenty people in it at the time. 

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On Wednesday at 11 am Thai divers and search teams found the body of 24-year-old Pornwilai Suealek who was trapped when a whole pavilion structure that was a popular restaurant and over 50 years old, simply slid into the water and sank with over 22 people inside on Tuesday afternoon at lunchtime. The young Thai woman got trapped and covered by falling debris. At midnight on Tuesday, the rescue team found 37-year-old Suree Urachuen. She had suffered the same fate. 20 people were taken to hospital and a nearby structure of a similar type was closed and cordoned off. Such buildings are very popular in Thailand and Bangkok where many people use river ferries. Yesterday’s incident coming on a Buddhist holiday shocked the kingdom as videos of the event were immediately dispatched online.

On Wednesday morning, Thai divers and search crews retrieved the body of a 24-year-old Thai woman named as Pornwilai Suealek at 11 am from the water. She was found where an old pavilion collapsed into the water suddenly yesterday afternoon. The young Thai woman was found covered in debris at one corner of the submerged structure. It is believed that the Pornwilai became trapped yesterday when the sudden submergence occurred.

Final death toll confirmed from shocking pavilion restaurant sinking on Tuesday

The final death toll and injured tally have been confirmed by authorities in Samut Songkhram province after the popular old restaurant pavilion slid into the Mae Klong River at approximately 12.45pm on Tuesday when many people were present at the venue during lunch. The pavilion was a well-known spot as it stood next to a pier adjacent to Wat Phet Samut Worawihan and was near the Mae Klong Railway Market. The shocking incident saw the entire structure slide into the water and sink with over 20 people inside it at the time.

Two Thai women died in the tragedy

The deputy governor of Samut Songkhram province Prajin Tarasirisin briefed the media on Tuesday night and revealed that two Thai women had died and 20 people in total had been taken to hospital suffering from injuries as a result of the incident. Authorities had earlier in the day set up a local response centre at a community hall in the area.

Father of the young woman was among the rescuers

The father of the 24-year-old Ms Pornwilai Suealek was one of the rescue workers at the scene responding to the tragedy and trying to help the survivors. Winai Suealek, at that point, did not know his own daughter was among those missing. He told reporters that he understood that his daughter planned to have lunch with a friend at the popular venue yesterday.

First woman found at midnight as divers and search crews worked into the early hours

On Tuesday, the body of another Thai woman believed to be missing 37-year-old Suree Urachuen was found in a corner of the search area where divers and rescuers were working on the site where the former pavilion fell into the water. This discovery was made at midnight as the rescue operation worked into the early hours of the morning.

Young student missing found among the survivors

Yesterday, in the immediate aftermath of the shocking event, it was reported that 20 people were taken to hospital by emergency services suffering from injuries while three were missing including the two women whose bodies have now been found and a student. The student was later found among the survivors in hospital.

Thousands of such structures all over Thailand and Bangkok particularly near ferry points

The incident has shocked many in Thailand given that there are thousands of such structures and establishments throughout the country and in Bangkok. Yesterday was a religious holiday in the kingdom and many people would have been attending the nearby temple as well as other temples throughout the country.

Similar structure nearby cordoned off by officials

The dramatic disappearance of the structure and all those in it, into the water, was beamed across social media in Thailand within minutes of the event. The structure is believed to have been at least 50 years old. A similar pavilion on the water edge near it has now been cordoned off by officials in Samut Songkhram pending further investigation into the cause of yesterday’s tragedy and an examination of that structure.

Pavilion now lying at a depth of 6 metres

The search for the young woman was called off earlier on Wednesday at 4 am and recommenced at 8 am. It was a difficult search process as divers and crews had to cope with dark, murky waters and debris floating in the water from the structure and the restaurant it contained. The structure contained a number of stalls and vendors with a colourful range of goods and products. The pavilion is now believed by Thai officials to be located at a depth of 6 meters under the water.

Holiday tragedy as restauarnt pavilion sinks killing tow Thai women

+ The drama of the news from Samut Songkhram province just southwest of Bangkok yesterday was felt all over Thailand. A 50 year old pavilion restaurant with 22 people in it at lunchtime simply slid into the murky waters of the Mae Klong River. Two women died.Carla Boonkong reports from Samut Songkhram province near Bangkok

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