The young man’s 31-year-old Thai girlfriend, Ms Praipana, was horrified when he jumped on to the road below after getting out of his Mazda car. He had said he wanted to kill himself during their quarrel but although he looked like he was acting strange, it did not look like he planned to jump from the high rise motorway.

A young Thai telecommunications worker took his own life on Tuesday morning after a quarrel with his girlfriend as they travelled through Bangkok together. He jumped from one of the flyover roads in the city to the road below. It is reported by Thai media sources that he is relative or grandson of a Pheu Thai political figure who was jailed this month for fraud by the Thai Supreme Court.

Police and a crowd, many of them heartbroken friends of the deceased man, gathered in the early hours of Tuesday morning after 34-year-old Pudis Latthasaksiri jumped from the motorway near Rama IX road after a quarrel with his girlfriend. Thai police are investigating what looks like a terrible personal tragedy. The overwhelmed and emotional girlfriend of the deceased man told Thai police that he did suggest he wanted to die but she did not suspect when he exited the car after the tiff that he intended to do anything. She was horrified when her boyfriend jumped off the road.

There was a heartbreaking scene on a Bangkok motorway in the early hours of the morning after a young Thai man appeared to commit suicide by throwing himself off the rise motorway onto the road below.

The incident occurred in the Huai Khwang area in Bangkok sometime before 20 minutes to one in the morning when  Thai police were called to the scene by the man’s girlfriend. It is being reported by Thai media sources that the 34-year-old man is a grandson or relative of a former deputy minister of education in the government of Yingluck Shinawatra. The man has been named as 34-year-old Pudis Latthasaksiri from Suphan Buri province.

Young man took his life a quarrel with his girlfriend

It is thought for now that that the man took his own life after a quarrel with his girlfriend who was in his car with him minutes before taking his own life. The man’s body was found lying on the motorway on the Rama IX road near the intersection for inbound traffic to Bangkok. Thai police found him at the scene wearing shorts and a black T-Shirt. The man was an employee with Thai telecoms firm True Corporation.

31-year-old Thai woman found crying in a black Mazda car parked on the road above

At the scene, police found his 31-year-old girlfriend Praipana Rinprom in an emotional state. She was crying in a midnight blue Mazda car on the road from where the young man had dropped to his death.

Police reports suggest that the man had picked up his girlfriend in the Krungthep Kreetha area of the city earlier and they were travelling to his home on Soi Phra Ram Kao. During the journey, the couple quarrelled and at one point, Mr Pudis told his girlfriend that he wanted to die. He parked the car on the motorway and then got out.

Girlfriend did not initially think, from his posture, that he would jump but he was acting strangely

His posture when he got out of the car did not suggest that he was going to jump off the road below although his girlfriend recalled that he was acting strangely. But to Ms Praipana’s horror, her boyfriend did indeed jump. He landed face down on the road below. When her boyfriend fell on the road underneath a taxi was approaching and helped the young woman to call the police to the scene of the tragedy.

Police are investigating the death and the body has been removed for a forensic examination. They are also looking at the car in which the couple was travelling. Police are also reported to be examining CCTV footage of the area.

Grandson or relative of former Pheu Thai MP and deputy minister from Ratchaburi

 Thai media is reporting that Mr Pudis is the grandson or relation of a former deputy education minister and Pheu Thai MP from Ratchaburi, Chaowarin Latthasaksiri, who was jailed this month when on July 10th when the Thai Supreme Court sentenced him to 2 years in prison without suspension for fraud.

The court found that Mr Chaowarin had defrauded a Cambodian firm out of ฿11.4 million that it had paid in 2014 to purchase cement. The politician was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison by a Thai lower court on the charge in 2015 which he had denied.