Ja Ja’s parents have already filed a police complaint and are understood to be ready to meet the school’s director to discuss the matter. They are determined to get to the bottom of what happened for their daughter for her sake and for other children who may be endangered.

A local school in Bang Lamung, Pattaya is to set up a fact-finding committee after a little girl says she was beaten with a stick on the head for failing to answer a maths question causing her severe swelling and bruising.

The Director of the Pattaya School has promised an investigation as Ja Ja’s parents have filed a police complaint. Doctors have examined the 7-year-old Thai girl and told her parents she is not suffering from serious injury.

A 7-year-old little Thai girl was sent home from school in Pattaya on Thursday last and later experienced facial bruising and swelling. She told her mother that she had been beaten for failing to answer a maths question in class. This is according to sources close to the family of the girl. It is understood that little Ja Ja which is the girl’s nickname, was beaten by the teacher with a wooden stick.

Family took the 7-year girl to hospital promptly on Thursday as they feared more severe injuries

The family of Ja Ja took her to a local hospital for doctors to examine her as they were alarmed at the sight of the little girl and worried that she may have suffered deeper injuries. It is understood that the girl was the subject to Xrays and was even sent for a CT scan to examine her internally. Thankfully, doctors have confirmed that her injuries are superficial. The girl had not suffered any fracture and there was no internal bleeding, the family were told. 

Doctors said the girl suffered a blow to the middle of her head that prompted the swelling

Doctors advised the family to massage and cool the little girl’s head while also telling them that they believe that the child suffered from a blow to the middle of her head. Ja Ja’s parents are reported to have already filed a police complaint about the treatment of the little girl and are preparing to visit her school on Monday for a full explanation. ‘We want to know what action will be taken. The teacher must be held responsible. We will not compromise. If we don’t take action or keep silent, other children might face the same thing,’ they were reported as saying in the Bangkok Post newspaper which reported this story.

Huge reaction online balanced between love for Ja Ja and anger at what might have happened

It is understood that an incensed and concerned relative posted pictures of the injured little girl over the weekend which has drawn a huge reaction equally balanced between love and affection for Ja Ja and anger at what happened to her. The post was shared 5,000 times by Saturday afternoon.

School run by Pattaya’s local authority

Ja Ja’s mother, 26-year-old Nuchanart Tulaphan, revealed that the school in question is Muang Pattaya 5 School in the Bang Lamung area. It is run by Pattaya’s local government.

The mother of the little girl whose real name is Prathom Suksa said that her daughter on Thursday complained of a headache. Her mother thought it might be from schoolwork and took her home to recuperate. However, on Thursday night, the little girl developed severe swelling in her eyes and cheek. When questioned, Ja Ja told her mother that she had been disciplined by the teacher with a wooden stick for failing to answer a mathematics question.

Teacher to face sanctions if found to be in the wrong

The director of the school, Naruemol Inthapong, has confirmed that there will be a full and thorough investigation into what happened to 7-year-old Ja Ja. A fact-finding committee is to be set up to establish the facts of the matter. If the teacher is found to have behaved improperly, the director has promised that disciplinary action will be taken.