Staff at the hotel have revealed that the 32-year woman, Lijuan Wang, from Shandong and four friends consumed 5 bottles of whiskey in a late-night drinking party hours before the woman’s body was found on her bed at 6 am the next morning.

Doctors in Chiang Mai have revealed that an autopsy on a 32-year-old Chinese woman whose body removed from a resort bedroom in the province on Wednesday has failed to determine the exact cause of death. However, they have indicated that preliminary tests on the deceased woman’s lung tissue for the coronavirus have tested negative.

Removal of 32-year-old Lijuan Wang on Wednesday 29th after her body was found on her bed by friends at 6 am. An autopsy has failed to determine the cause of death but a preliminary test for the coronavirus has also come back negative.

The Chinese woman who died suddenly on January 29th last at the resort in Chiang Mai had been drinking heavily with friends on the night she checked in to her hotel according to local media reports.

She had travelled from Guangzhou on the 28th of January to Chiang Mai and was originally from Shandong province.

Ther woman’s body was retrieved from the resort on Wednesday by a medical team wearing hazmat outfits. 

Friends told police that she had begun to complain of a fever shortly before she was found dead in her bedroom.

Chinese woman did not exhibit a full range of virus symptoms according to a Chiang Mai doctor

On Wednesday, a doctor working with the Chiang Mai Public Health Office, however, has told the media that the woman did not display symptoms of the coronavirus such as shortness of breath and coughing but for a complaint of fever just before she passed away.

Medical staff also found no evidence of violence or a struggle on her body thereby ruling out suspicious circumstances.

Autopsy inconclusive on cause of death but preliminary lung tissue test negative for coronavirus

An autopsy was carried out on the woman but doctors were unable to determine the cause of her death according to Dr Chatuchai Maneerat, of the Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office.

The medical professional did point out that because of the concern in relation to the coronavirus and the fact the woman and her friends had travelled from Shandong province, an infected area in China, further tests were carried out on samples on lung tissue from the woman.

Preliminary tests for the coronavirus have come back as negative.

Four friends also clear for the virus

It has also been reported that the woman’s friends, who accompanied her on the trip, have shown no symptoms and have also tested negative for the virus.

Thai medical experts, however, are still working to determine the exact cause of death.

Began drinking after checking in on January 28th, five bottles of whiskey consumed neat by the party

Staff at the hotel are reporting that the woman and her friends began drinking whiskey after checking in on the 28th of January.

Staff have told investigators that the party of five consumed five bottles of whiskey between them after they started drinking heavily after 10 pm that night.

Staff noted that the Chinese party did not use mixers with their whiskey but drank it neat.

Staff at the hotel suspect alcohol poisoning

The woman, named as Lijuan Wang, would have been 32 years of age in September. She was found by her friends the next morning after she had expired while lying on her bed at the resort.

Staff at the resort have told visiting media that they believe that woman may have died from alcohol poisoning although, at this stage, her cause of death is still not officially determined.

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