HUA HIN: The man had just arrived from Pakistan and boarded the train at Bang Sue Railway in Bangkok even though a railway guard noticed he was suffering from nausea and headaches. His temperature only registered at 36 degrees. Passengers reported he appeared to become ill at Ratchaburi province.

A 57-year-old Thai man returning from Pakistan, who died on an overnight train to Narathiwat province early on Tuesday morning, was infected with the Covid 19 coronavirus according to test results released today. The man has been named as Mr Anant Sahor. He boarded the train at Bang Sue station in Bangkok after clearing immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport. He died as the train arrived in Prachuap Khiri Khan station in Hua Hin province where it stopped for a break.

Photographs of the last minutes of 57-year-old Mr Anant Sahor seated in seat number 28 on the train journey from Bangkok’s Bang Sue Railway station on Tuesday morning to Narathiwat province. His body was found by officials near the toilet closet on the train after it reached the railway station at Prachuap Khiri Khan in Hua Hin province. Tests at a hospital in Songkhla released on Wednesday showed that the man, who suffered from diabetes, also tested positive for the Covid 19 virus.

A 57-year-old man, recently returned from Pakistan was found dead on Tuesday morning near the restroom of a train travelling from Bangkok to Narathiwat in Thailand’s deep south.

The bearded man was found by passengers near the small closet area after the train stopped for a break on its journey to Thailand’s Muslim majority south.

Station guard at Bang Sue railway station urged him to rest as he had nausea and headache symptoms

An investigation into the man’s death revealed that he was infected with the Covid 19 virus but died from complications associated with diabetes, an underlying condition the man suffered from.

However, he was able to board the train with other passengers since his temperature was recorded at 36 degrees by a railway guard at Bangkok.

Nevertheless, the guard had flagged the passenger since he was reportedly suffering from headaches and vomiting fits before he boarded the train. He was urged by the railway official to rest.

Tests on the body and investigation at Songkhla Hospital revealed Covid 19 infection on Wednesday

News of the positive test for the Covid 19 infection came on Wednesday from Songkhla Hospital where the man’s body was held for testing before being released to his family for religious rites.

In the aftermath of the incident, eight personnel of the state railway company on the train were instructed to go into quarantine at home for at least 14 days.

The man had stumbled and fainted in front of the restroom and was attended to by officials.

Death occurred as the train reached Prachuap Khiri Khan in Hua Hin in the early hours of Tuesday

The train had arrived at Prachuap Khiri Khan station near Hua Hin at that point on its journey south.

It is reported that the man had arrived at Bangkok’s Bang Sue railway station from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The train was immediately disinfected and sterilised on arrival at Sungai Kolok in Narathiwat province

Anant Sahor had just arrived in Thailand from Pakistan and cleared immigration at Suvarnabhumi

Authorities have named the man as 57-year-old Anant Sahor. His death occurred on the No 37 train to Narathiwat province from Bang Sue in Bangkok. He was seated in seat number 28.

Thai officials have also revealed that Mr Anant had been screened at Suvarnabhumi Airport on arrival on Tuesday from Pakistan.

Became ill as the train reached Ratchaburi

Passengers on the train said that the man had become ill as soon as the train reached Ban Pong Station in Ratchaburi on its long journey south.

Volunteers with the Thap Sakae Foundation were called on to begin the disinfection of the train carriages.

Underlying problem with diabetes ultimately caused the man’s demise but he had the Covid 19 virus

The Director of Operations with Thailand’s State Railway company, Thakoon Intarachom, indicated that the man had died from complications from his underlying diabetes condition.

Later tests showed that he had been infected with the Covid 19 virus although doctors suggested diabetes was the main cause of death.

Officials ordered to quarantine as train carriages to spend two days being fully sterilised

Officials at the railway company have urged all passengers who were near or had contact with Mr Anan to quarantine for 14 days.

In addition to train staff, the ticket seller at Bang Sue railway station and platform police have all been ordered into quarantine.

The railway carriages of the train will be cleaned down and sterilised in a 2 day process.

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