Local police in Krabi confirm a national crackdown on overstaying tourists is underway. A heartbroken German, drowning his sorrows in beer, was arrested on Ko Lanta after being spurned in love. He is among the first to be detained. Immigration’s festive blitz is underway targeting boisterous drinkers.

Immigration police have launched another national crackdown targeting visa overstayers and most especially foreign tourists overindulging in alcohol in the runup to Christmas and the New Year. On Monday, a 51-year-old German man drowned his sorrows after suffering rejection in love on the island of Ko Lanta. Later, he was nabbed after a tip-off to Krabi Police from locals. 

Immigration Bureau officers from Krabi arrested a 51-year-old German national identified as Mr Manuel on Ko Lanta on Monday, December 18th. He faces prosecution for a 5-month visa overstay and deportation.

It was a case of Murphy’s law, for a 51-year-old German tourist on Monday. The European found himself amid a pre-Christmas nightmare on December 18th on Ko Lanta, the picturesque island in Southern Thailand, near Krabi.

Previously, the unlucky foreigner, whose visa expired five months ago, set off from the notorious resort city of Pattaya seeking love and reconciliation with his estranged Thai girlfriend in Krabi. He had high hopes.

German tourist was the subject of a tip-off to police by a concerned local on Ko Lanta because of his uproarious behaviour and was afterwards arrested

However, the ill-fated love story took a dark turn. Spurned by his former girlfriend, the German, identified only as Mr Manuel by Krabi police, drowned his sorrows in alcohol at local beer bars. 

Little did he know that his inebriated state would attract the attention of vigilant Immigration officers. 

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In short, a concerned member of the public reported the foreigner to the police. Subsequently, the German drove his motorbike dangerously from beer bar to beer bar on Ko Lanta. He attracted public attention. The island, off the coast of Krabi, is one of Thailand’s most beautiful.

Following this, the German engaged in uproarious behaviour, spooking local people. 

Senior police in Krabi confirm a national crackdown has been ordered. Their campaign targets foreign tourists who drink heavily and behave boisterously 

At this time, the Immigration Bureau in Krabi is in the midst of a crackdown on overstaying foreigners. Local police are paying particular attention to those consuming excess alcohol, a growing concern in the conservative province.

Officers swiftly took action. Subsequent events unfolded into a dramatic scene on Ko Lanta. Police Lieutenant Colonel Wi. Ratt Inyod, an Immigration Inspector from Krabi Province, led a team to investigate the matter.

They discovered the German tourist consuming alcoholic beverages in front of a bar in Village No. 3, Saladan Subdistrict. Sensing the threat, the tourist jumped up and fled on foot but the alert officers apprehended him swiftly.

Afterwards, police revealed that Mr Manuel had entered Thailand through the Ban Laem permanent checkpoint in Chanthaburi on August 2, 2023. He was on a 30-day tourist visa. Significantly, he was residing illegally in the country for the last five months after the expiration of his visa period. 

Officers not persuaded to be lenient after hearing about the German’s journey of love to Ko Lanta

Arresting officers listened to his account of a journey from Pattaya to Ko Lanta in pursuit of love. However, Krabi police were inclined not to be lenient.

At length, the German’s drunken encounter with the law saw him detained. Basically, he now faces the prospect of Christmas behind bars and deportation. Indeed, he will also be blacklisted from Thailand.

First, he faces criminal charges for being an alien staying in the Kingdom with an expired visa. At this time, Immigration Bureau police are detaining the foreigner.

Police focus is on maintaining societal peace

Additionally, Police Major General Songprod Sirisuka, Commander of Immigration Region 6, highlighted the crackdown policy now in place. Ordered by Royal Thai Police headquarters and the Immigration Bureau, it comes from the top. 

Aligned with the directives of Police Lieutenant General Sitthiphon Ittisanronnachai, Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, the operation aims to reduce criminal elements and disruption before the 2024 New Year’s holiday. 

Lastly, he explained the intensified inspections will target foreigners committing offences under the Immigration Act 1979 in addition to other violations. Boisterous foreign tourists overindulging in alcohol are a key target of the end-of-year campaign.

The focus of the campaign is on maintaining societal peace, citizen safety, and the well-being of tourists.

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