‘Young mother buried alive by estranged husband: Maha Sarakham in shock. Family and community demand justice after another shocking outrage. Meanwhile, the double murderer who drowned father and sister in steel coffins – ‘John Ark Iron’ is held.

A community in Thailand’s northeastern Maha Sarakham was left bereft this week after the heinous murder of a young mother of two. 30-year-old Ms Daraporn Phonsri came home from work on Sunday and set off to meet her estranged husband. She never returned. Her body was found later the next day in a grim discovery which revealed she had been buried alive.

Rescue and emergency workers on Monday night as they retrieve the buried body of 30-year-old mother of two Daraporn Phonsri (inset), who was cremated on Thursday.

On Thursday, a family and community cremated a young woman who died in unimaginable horror sometime last Sunday. However, the traditional funeral rites saw a local community’s spirit overshadowed by the circumstances of her cruel murder.

In short, the young woman was buried alive in a rubbish pit. At length, it is believed the killer was her estranged husband and partner. In brief, he was seen by neighbours assaulting her before she went missing on Sunday last.

Cruel murder eclipsed by news of Tuesday night’s double murder by 35-year-old ‘John Ark Iron’ who callously drowned his father and sister in steel coffins 

The harrowing incident unfolded in the serene community of Waeng Nang, in the centre of Maha Sarakham province.

Significantly, the terror that unfolded was overshadowed in the news by the murder of a father and daughter by the scion of a wealthy family in Sakon Nakhon.

Sakon Nakhon Police make a grim discovery. Two steel coffins submerged in a pond, a double murder

The sadistic killer placed his 66-year-old father and 32-year-old sister in steel coffins before he drowned them.

Following the horrific nature of his actions, the murderer was dubbed ‘John Ark Iron’ by the Thai tabloid press. 

Presently, the 35-year-old is being held in Sakon Nakhon Prison. In the meantime, police try to make sense of his evil actions on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, in Maha Sarakham, the tight bonds of a quiet neighbourhood have been shattered. 

Local population demands justice after the unearthing of another grim and cruel murder on Monday in Maha Sarakham. It happened late on Sunday afternoon

News emerged of the gruesome murder of 30-year-old Ms Daraporn Phonsri or Prae on Monday.

Afterwards, it was revealed also that the young woman was a dedicated rescue worker. The unfolding narrative is one of sorrow, disbelief, and an urgent quest for justice.

The unsettling story began on Sunday, January 7, 2024. 

At that time, her family discovered Daraporn mysteriously missing.

However, it was known that she was meeting her estranged husband, identified as Mr Suwan Leeyo or ‘Bob’. This was at the couple’s shared residence.

Later on, the following day, Monday, January 8th, the shocking discovery of her lifeless body was made. In brief, it was found buried in a shallow grave near Nong Phot Village. 

Initial reports suggested that it was in a pit near the property used for rubbish disposal. The body was buried and covered with earth.

Additionally, an initial review of the body, suggested that Ms Daraporm had been buried there face down. Shockingly, the medical opinion was that she was still breathing when buried alive.

Murder of the popular young woman caused revulsion and anger among locals after hearing how she died. The incident casts a grim pall over day-to-day life

The gruesome murder has stunned the local community. Friends and family have been struck with profound grief, bewilderment and anger over her fate. 

Authorities, upon inspecting the remains, noted signs of strangulation and injuries consistent with a violent struggle.

The fact that Ms Daruwan was buried alive cast a grim pall over day-to-day life.

Her family were left distraught at the loss of a responsible parent while two small children began to cry for their mother.

For the last 72 hours, such harrowing details and news reverberated through the Waeng Nang community, known for its close-knit ties.

Ms Daraporn was a respected and committed rescue worker associated with the Waeng Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organisation.

Her loss at this time has devastated not only her family but her colleagues and the broader community.

Sad community cremates a beautiful young woman

As the community mourned the untimely death of Daraporn, they prepared for her cremation on January 11.

When Thursday came the atmosphere was sombre as relatives, colleagues, and friends gathered to pay their respects. Overcome with sorrow, they clung to pictures of Daraporn, a poignant reminder of a vibrant life.

In the quest for justice, the Maha Sarakham Provincial Court swiftly issued an arrest warrant for Mr Suwan. Undoubtedly, the estranged husband is the prime suspect for the brutal crime. 

The police, recognising the urgency of the situation, divided their forces into three teams to expedite the manhunt for the killer.

Body of Ms Daraporn found by her brother on January 8th after her family reported her missing to Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station. She was buried alive

Formerly, on Monday the mother of the deceased Ms Waewta Phonsri explained that her daughter had disappeared at 6.30 pm on Sunday.

Previously, she had finished work at 4.30 pm and brought her two children to her mother’s home. At the same time, she was due to meet the main suspect Mr Suwan Leeyo or ‘Bob’ in the garden of her own home.

Later, in the afternoon on Monday, January 8th, the matter was reported to Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station. The body was later discovered by Ms Waetaw’s son who had just returned from Roiet province.

Afterwards, there were reports suggesting Mr Suwan had returned to the village under the cover of night. Certainly, this heightened fears, prompting intensified efforts to trace and apprehend the suspect.

Manhunt underway for her former husband

Police Superintendent Colonel Kraithong Chaising outlined the investigative strategy.

He emphasised the use of CCTV cameras to uncover Suwan’s escape route. The urgency of the situation was underscored by Suwan’s criminal history. 

Given that this includes theft and drug offences, authorities have cautioned anyone against harbouring or aiding Mr Suwan. The policeman was at pains to emphasise that there would be severe legal consequences for those who do so.

The investigation further revealed distressing details about Daraporn’s troubled relationship with Mr Suwan.

Colleagues, including Mr Chalit Eksiri, an emergency medical operator at the Waeng Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organization, spoke candidly. In short, he referred to the challenges Daraporn faced in her personal life. 

Despite recent family troubles and disputes with Mr Suwan, Daraporn remained dedicated to her role as a rescue worker.

Mr Chalit lamented the sudden loss of a skilled and responsible colleague, emphasising the impact on the organisation and broader community.

Daraporn’s father, Mr Charoen, provided additional insights into the strained dynamics between Daraporn and Mr Suwan. He expressed suspicions regarding Suwan’s involvement, pointing to text messages that appeared deceptive and orchestrated. 

Father of the deceased reveals strange smartphone chat with the suspected killer. In summary, he told a tissue of lies revealing his guilt in the outrage

Mr Charoen’s suspicions were confirmed by Mr Suwan’s sudden disappearance. This was on Sunday after his daughter also went missing. In effect, it immediately pointed to his culpability.

Afterwards, speaking with reporters, he explained his strange interactions with the killer.

 ‘Certainly, I was suspicious of my daughter’s boyfriend. He chatted with me between 9-10 pm on Sunday saying that Prae was going to work in other provinces. Don’t worry, he said, there will be money sent to take care of the children. Then there was another chat message at 7:30 am. on Monday morning,’ he explained.

‘In brief, he was asking if Prae’s children had eaten yet. So I thought that Bob was definitely the one responsible. And I think that someone must definitely help bring her to be buried here. Later, when I went to ask the people next to the garden. They said that he saw two people arguing and hitting each other yesterday evening. Additionally, they heard Prae crying for help. A neighbour went to look and saw Mr Bob strangling Prae. He shouted at him to stop. Mr Bob then stopped and walked away. Probably called a friend to help bury her later that night.’

Still, the broader Maha Sarakham community is reeling from the shock of the tragedy.

Ms Daraporn’s mother, Ms Waewta, in particular, is struggling to come to terms with the loss. Especially the devastating impact on Daraporn’s two young children.

Villagers, at the same time, are shocked and angered by the brutality of the crime. They demand Mr Suwan’s surrender to justice and account for his alleged actions.

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