Wanted Australian gangster Jonathan Grey, linked to drug trafficking, was arrested in Pattaya by Immigration Bureau officers. Deemed a ‘threat to society,’ his visa was revoked. He awaits deportation to Australia, where a warrant for his arrest is pending.

Immigration Bureau officers on Wednesday arrested a wanted Australian gangster in Pattaya. 52-year-old Jonathan Grey was taken into custody pending his deportation from Thailand. The move came after authorities in Bangkok deemed him a ‘threat to Thai society’ and revoked his visa to stay in the country.

Immigration Bureau officers with sub-division 3 on Wednesday carried out the arrest of 52-year-old Jonathan Grey from his luxury home in Pattaya. The Australian is wanted at home on drug dealing and possession charges. (Source: Immigration Bureau).

The Immigration Bureau on Wednesday raided a luxury home in an exclusive village in Pattaya. They were searching for 52-year-old Jonathan Grey, who had been subjected to review by Immigration Bureau Division 6 and subsequently deemed a threat to society in Thailand.

In effect, the Australian was detained so that he could be deported from the country. However, it is understood that police have already confirmed that he is on the run from criminal charges down under. A warrant for his arrest awaits him in Australia.

Australian believed to be linked to drug trafficking networks through criminal connections and via the dark web. Wanted on drug dealing charges at home

In short, this relates to drug trafficking activities and possession. At length, it is understood that Mr Grey is linked to a criminal organisation in Australia while also being an international drug trafficker.

The Australian is active on the dark web and, at the same time, has links to underworld gangs that control the drug trade between Thailand and Australia.

On Wednesday, police sources revealed that the Australian has a criminal record at home and has served a number of prison sentences related to drug dealing activities.

Previous gun incident in Chalong, Phuket led to Mr Grey being implicated in criminal activities on the holiday island. He subsequently moved to Pattaya

The background to this week’s action is an incident in the Chalong area of Phuket. This involved a UK man who brought a gun into an entertainment venue.

The firearm was subsequently retrieved by police outside the venue, and the man was later arrested.

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In brief, the UK man had ties to drug dealing in the United Kingdom and had previously served time in prison. In short order, police linked the 26-year-old UK man with Mr Grey, who was living at that time also in Phuket.

Afterwards, Phuket police referred the file to the Foreign Affairs Division of the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok. 

Review in Bangkok deemed Grey a threat to society

Following that, the Australian’s background at home was discovered, and a view was reached in coordination with Immigration Bureau Division 6 officers.

In effect, this led to Mr Grey’s visa to stay in Thailand being revoked and his arrest for deportation ordered.

Certainly, under Thailand’s laws and regulations, any foreigner with an outstanding warrant at home is subject to such action.

In this case, there is strong circumstantial evidence to additionally suggest criminal activity.

Wednesday’s raid by Immigration Bureau officers brought an end to the alleged drug trafficker’s life of luxury in Thailand and sent him home to face the music

Consequently, this led to Wednesday’s operation. Mr Grey appeared to be living in luxury in Pattaya in a manner similar to his previous lifestyle in Australia.

He was taken away by Immigration Bureau Subdivision 3 officers after they showed him the appropriate documentation under the Immigration Act 1979.

The Australian persona non grata will be taken to the infamous Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bangkok.

Later, he will be deported home to face charges there. In the meantime, he will also be blacklisted from entering Thailand again.

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