The first incident occurred early on Friday morning last. It involved Aussie, Constantine Anagnostou, who sparked the problem when he arrived at a local bar, crashing into other motorcycles and falling off his bike. He later got up and raised his hands in triumph. A dispute developed when he was confronted by a bar staff member who owned one of the motorbikes damaged. Later in video footage, he can be seen engaged in a public tirade directed at stunned Thai police where he used colorful language in an aggressive manner. At one point, the Aussie made rude and provocative gestures towards the police using his hands and posterior. The second incident involved another western man possibly also an Australian man, dressed only in shorts who appeared to be in semi conscious state as he threatened and assaulted the public and businesses owners in the Jomtien Beach area on Saturday in the middle of the day.

Two English speaking foreigners were arrested in Pattaya on Friday and Saturday in separate incidents that involved open and public confrontation with Thai police on the streets. In the early hours of Friday morning, an Australian living in Pattaya, Constantine Anagnostou, was eventually arrested after he engaged in bizarre and aggressive behavior towards Thai police who appeared to want to question about an earlier incident at a bar. He was eventually arrested and detained at Pattaya Police station. The second incident occurred on Saturday and involved what was described as an eastern European man in press reports but may well have been another Australian from his accent and fluent English. He was found engaged in threatening and abusive behavior towards the public and business owners on Jomtien beach. When he was confronted by police, he resisted arrest and later attempted to assault a police officer.

Aussie Constantine Anagnostou was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning after a public tirade against the Thai police in Pattaya and individual officers. The Australian man was involved in dispute at a venue named as The Ratio bar when his arrival at the establishment caused him to crash into a line of motorcycles lined outside. When he was arrested on Friday morning, two Thai women attended Pattaya Police Station and spoke to reporters about the violence and threatening behavior that the Australian had used earlier in on Thursday night. On Saturday, Thai police arrested another western foreigner who some reports suggest was from eastern Europe but may well have been another Australian judging from his fluent English and accent. The man had been engaged in threatening and violent behavior in the seafront towards the public and business owners. When arrested, he spat at and attempted to kick one of the Thai police officers directly after a concerned Thai woman enquired about his condition and urged him not to do anything ‘bad’.

Thai police in Pattaya hand their hands full over the weekend dealing with a number of out of control foreigners including an Australian in the early hours of Friday morning and another western foreigner on Saturday afternoon.

Both men caused serious disruption to the peace in the resort town and appeared to be out of control. While the Australian man ranted and queried why the Thai police had taken his ATM card and licence, he also accused them of looking for money from him. The other westerner became aggressive to police officers, violently resisted arrest and attempted to assault another. It is reported that he had earlier threatened and assaulted members of the public before police were called.

Wild arrival at bar by Australian on his motorcycle sparked a confrontation at a Pattaya bar

It is reported that the Australian man, named as Constantine Anagnostou, was involved in some sort of confrontation at a bar on Thursday night. CCTV footage at the scene showed the Australian arriving on his motorbike but losing control of the vehicle and falling with it into a line of other motorbikes. The Australian then got up and gestured wildly in the air as if celebrating his chaotic and dangerous arrival.

The Australian appeared to be behaving in a bizarre fashion. Two Thai women later reported that a confrontation erupted in which fists and punches were thrown. The bar, where the incident took place, has been named as The Ratio Bar.

Police called in after the dispute arose between Australian and bar staff member

It is reported that one of the motorbikes into which Mr Anagnostou plunged into on Thursday night was owned by a member of staff at the bar. Reports suggest that the Australian man became abusive and responded in a threatening manner when called to task about his behavior.  This resulted in the Pattaya police becoming involved in the incident. It has been suggested that the Australian was called upon to pay for damage done to the motorbikes that he had careered into.

Video footage shows Australian engaged in furious tirade against police on a Pattaya public road

The Aussie later drifted on to the public street. Video footage of this has been published online. It became clear, from video footage of the interaction with Thai police that took place on a road intersection in Pattaya between Mr Anagnostou and Pattaya police, that he had already been involved with some of the police officers prior to this, including one of the officers who accosted him. The police stopped the man for questioning on the road. It is reported that the Australian’s behavior was ‘chaotic’ at the scene.

Aussie accused police of assaulting him as he is questioned them about his ATM and licence

Confronted by police at a road intersection, the Australian developed into a state of heightened excitement. He gesticulated at the police men surrounding him and shouted at them. The Australian announced that one of the policemen involved had assaulted him. Mr Anagnostou appeared to have a particular disagreement with one of the Thai police officers who he repeatedly asked if he worked on Soi Diamond or Walking Street. The officer responded that the Australian had given him his card and made a promise to him. However, the Australian man only demanded his licence and ATM back from the police man at this point. The Australian is seen roaring at the police and using both hands to point. His is visibly upset and out of control.

Colorful and insulting language directed at Pattaya police with aggression and force

At one point, the Australian man told police: ‘Not lie, you **** off’ even as Thai police tried to calm him down. The man continued his tirade and accused the police of looking for money from him. ‘You ****** cunt,’ she said as he pointed directly at one of the Thai police officers. It is outrageous behavior and would not be tolerated in any country by any police force.

Aussie displayed bizarre behavior as he then thanks police and said he wanted no problem

Then bizarrely, the Aussie lowered his voice and described his motorbike as his wife. ‘Stop, ok.’ he said, making the wai gesture. He even thanked Thai police in Thai. ‘I not want problem, ‘ he said. ‘Mai mee tang,’ he said in Thai, meaning that he had no money.

The game is up as finally he is handcuffed and arrested, reverts back to being reasonable

The Australian removed his shirt top. He then, incredibly, resumed abusing the Thai police officers and threw a host of insults in Thai at them. The Australian then attempted to retreat but it was already too late. He was pursued by Thai police calling on him to stop. They caught up with him and he was handcuffed. ‘What did I do I do wrong, oh for fuck sake,’ the Aussie says in a now calm and more reasonable voice. He was taken away and detained at Pattaya Police Station.

Two Thai women awaited the arrest of the Australian at Pattaya Police station

Thai police have not yet clarified whether any charges are being pressed the Australian but two Thai women were waiting at Pattaya police station for the arrest of the man. They told reporters of the man’s aggressive and violent behavior earlier in the night. One woman’s husband was threatened by the Aussie. Many Thais, quite rightly, are nervous and feel threatened by western foreigners who become aggressive and violent. The use of violent language is also considered to be unacceptable and highly offensive in Thailand.

Man dressed only shirts caused daytime disruption on Jomtien beach on Saturday

The incident on Saturday concerned a man dressed only in shorts and with large tattoos who, it is reported, was involve in a number of interactions with members of the public at Jomtien Beach where he engaged in unpredictable and challenging behavior. One man claimed to have been attacked by the man. Reports to police were also filed by business owners in the area.

Video footage of some of the interaction with police sent to control the man are available. The man is reported to be of Eastern European origin but may well have been Australian, and was very intoxicated as he wandered in an aimless state near the road and the promenade near the beach.

Man spoke English as he resisted arrest by Pattaya police as Thai man accused him of assault

He was surrounded carefully by a group of Thai police officers. At that point, he appeared to speak English fluently when he told a Thai police officer not to touch him. After some coaxing, officers finally grappled the man at both arms to arrest him but he resisted them violently. He was physically brought to the ground in a maul with police officers. He landed on the sand of the beach. The police then handcuffed him.

A Thai man at the scene told reporters that he had been assaulted by the foreigner with a blow to the head as police sought to control the man

Spat at and attempted to kick a police officer

A Thai member of the public asked the foreigner if he is ok. He replied in English in that he was. The genuine Thai woman seemed concerned for him and asked him not do anything bad. He assured her he would not and spoke to her in Thai. However, the foreigner then immediately spat at the police and attempted to viciously kick a Thai police officer.

Following his arrest, the man refused to cooperate with police who attempted to revive him with water. He continued to use highly insulting language.It is reported that the arrested man and is facing charges of assaulting a Thai police officer and resisting arrest.

Western foreigners arrested in Pattaya

Western foreigners arrested in Pattaya after chaotic and aggressive scenes with Thai policeOn Friday morning Australian man Constantine Anagnostou was arrested by Thai police and taken to Pattaya Police station where two Thai women awaited him in connection with an incident earlier on Thursday night at a Pattaya bar. The Australian used colorful and disparaging language towards individual Thai police officers as he engaged in a lengthy tirade on a public street. On Saturday, another westerner was arrested by Thai police after reports that he had assaulted and threatened members of the public as well as business owners in the Jomtien beach area of Pattaya. After resisting arrest, he later spat at and attempted to kick a Thai police officer. James Morris reports from Pattaya in Chonburi province, Thailand.

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