Following his release by police on Thursday last after intense questioning, the 24-year-old man predicted that the forensic tests in the case would absolve him of any wrongdoing. Police, however, suggests that he may still face charges as they digest the definite impact of the autopsy report on their criminal investigation into what happened to Thitima Noraphanpiphat.

Following nearly a week of an intensive police investigation and even rumours of his imminent arrest, the autopsy report into the death of the commercial presenter Thitima Noraphanpiphat has revealed that the 25-year-old woman died from alcohol poisoning. The finding appears consistent with the young man Rachadech Wongtabutr’s account of the bizarre happenings at his condo building in the early hours of Tuesday last when the body of Ms Thitma was found in the lobby of the building. The medical findings appear to lift the cloud of suspicion hanging over Mr Rachadech.

The 25-year-old ‘Pretty’ or commercial presenter was found in a conclusive autopsy conducted by Chulalongkorn Hospital to have died from alcohol poisoning. The forensic evidence matches the version of events given last week to police by ‘prime suspect’ Rachadech Wongtabutr (inset) who promised on Thursday that he would be vindicated as he had committed no crime. The Police Chief of Metropolitan Division 8, Major General Samrit Tongtao (inset), however, indicated on Monday that charges may still be brought against the 24-year-old male model following his bizarre behaviour on the early hours of Tuesday morning last at his condominium building in Thonburi.

The result of an autopsy on the body of the Thai commercial presenter or ‘pretty’  appear to support the version of events given by the young man who has been described as the prime suspect in the case since the young 25 years old’s body was found at his Thonburi condominium building in the early hours of last Tuesday morning.

Autopsy carried out at Chulalongkorn Hospital

The autopsy was carried out at Chulalongkorn Hospital and points conclusively to death by alcohol poisoning which matches fairly accurately the explanation given by the young man that Ms Thitma with whom he as getting on well at a party in Nonthaburi suddenly appeared to lose consciousness after drinking too much.

No other fluids in the young woman’s body and no evidence of assault says the autopsy report

The autopsy also significantly found that there were no other fluids in her body and no evidence of an assault. The young woman’s blood alcohol concentration level was 418 milligrammes per 100 millilitres. This is reported to be a sufficient level to result in a human being losing consciousness and possibly then leading on to death depending on the body’s physical constitution.

Bizarre behaviour of the young man aroused suspicion of police investigating the death

Last week, police became suspicious of Mr Rachadech’s rather bizarre behaviour on Tuesday morning and identified him as the prime suspect in the case after he initially refused them entry to his condominium at the Thonburi complex after the body was found downstairs in the lobby and when CCTV footage showed him lifting the woman up to his condominium in the building and back down again. The woman appeared to be a lifeless state. The young man had insisted however that she was breathing and still alive while in his apartment.

However, he aroused further suspicion by apparently dressing the woman in some of his own garments because she had wet her clothing. The young man also posted some tasteless social media posts featuring the lifeless body of the young woman which generated a hostile reaction.

Mr Rachadech insisted that nothing of a sexual nature occurred when he brought the woman home

However, Mr Rachadech consistently affirmed that nothing of sexual nature occurred in his condominium and the autopsy result appears to vindicate him. Last week, he assured reporters following his release after hours of questioning by police on Thursday that he was confident that this would be the case.

Police chief reticent to discuss further suspects

On Monday, Major General Samrit Tongtao, the police commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 8 confirmed the findings of the autopsy report to the press. He was wary about being drawn into discussing whether there were further suspects in the case other than Mr Rachadech.

Police re-examining the case following the autopsy findings which appears to rule out sexual activity

He said police will be examining the circumstances based on autopsy findings. This appears to rule out sexual activity. He speculated that there may still be a possibility of charges being brought against the suspect in relation to carelessness, indecent behaviour or detaining a person against their will. He also observed that a charge of murder may be a possibility if it is found that the suspect failed to assist the young woman if he knew her life was in danger.

Weekend reports of a widening enquiry

Reports over the weekend suggested that police were widening their enquiry to include the party host at the get together in Bang Bua Thong in Nonthaburi, where Ms Thitma was hired as a hostess for the night and last seen alive and conscious.

Smartwatch and brassiere used by the young woman being examined by police as  evidence

Reports on Monday suggested that police were also examining a smartwatch worn by the young woman and were making enquiries to see if such a device could be used as medical evidence. On Monday, as he announced the autopsy results, the police chief was reluctant to discuss this aspect of the case.

The father of the deceased woman, Chavalit Noraphanpiphat, also on Monday presented one of his daughter’s brassieres at Bukkhalo Police station so that police could use it to qualify other evidence.

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