The Deputy Superintendent of Police at Kamala station revealed that the German man was swimming outside the designated swimming area of the beach when tragedy struck.

A German tourist lost his life today when he came into contact with the propeller of the local boat near the beach in the Katu district of Phuket while out swimming.

Rescue services remove the badly injured German man named as 63 year old Helmut Prock to Patong Hospital after he was hit by a boat off a beach in Katu, Phuket.

It is understood that the German suffered injuries from the boat’s propeller while swimming well offshore.

The man was named by police as 63-year-old Helmut Prock. A senior police officer in Kamala has revealed that officials were reaching out to the German embassy to notify them of the tragedy.

Swimming outside the designated area for swimming on Katu beach on the western side of Phuket

The deputy superintendent of Kamala police station, Police Major Colonel Sompong Julruang further briefed the media.

He said that Mr Prock was swimming outside the designated area for swimming at the beach in western Phuket when the incident occurred.

Boat owner heading for shore

The owner of the boat was steering his craft towards the shore when the propeller came into contact with the German man.

The boar owner did not notice the German in the water until it was too late.

Rescue operation to remove German to hospital

An emergency rescue operation was mounted and Mr Prock was removed to Patong Hospital.

However, he died shortly after arrival at the medical facility as a result of his injuries. His death confirmed by Police  Captain Thanakarn Utchanarassami of Kamala police station.

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