Police in Pattaya are appealing to tourists to make contact with police in the event of a dispute or disagreement in any bar or entertainment venue in the resort city following a violent incident on Sunday night that left an Irishman bloodied, bruised and initially semi-conscious on a street sidewalk.

Police in Pattaya have begun an investigation of an attack on an Irish man in the city after what appears to be a dispute in a Go-Go bar on Sunday night in which the man was set upon by up to 10 Thai men.

Police and rescue workers attend to an Irish man named by police as Bart O’ Grady who was found by a passerby in the early hours of Monday morning after being beaten up by a reported 10 member gang at a local Go-Go bar. The man was found on Soi 7 in Pattaya near the Beach Road of the resort city.

An Irish tourist was left bloodied and semi-conscious on the streets of Pattaya on Monday morning after his first night out in the resort city where he had only arrived in Thailand less than 24 hours previously for a holiday.

Initially, it is only understood that he became involved in a fracas with security staff from a nearby Go-Go club.

Police called to the scene at 3.30 am on Monday

Pattaya police led by Lieutenant Colonel Nattawat Plernjit were called to a scene on a footpath at about 3.30 am after passerby took pity on the Irish man found dazed and lying in his own blood. Rescue workers at the scene administered him with first aid.

The man has been named as 46-year-old Bart O’ Grady by Thai police. He told officers that he had gone on a night out but had become embroiled in a quarrel at a well known Go-Go club.

Found on Soi 7 near the Beach Road in Pattaya

Mr O’Grady was found lying in Pattaya’s Soi 7 near Beach Road. The Irish man said that the venue was a Go-Go bar and he had a dispute with management.

He said that he attempted to video the situation with his smartphone which led to the escalation of the matter.

He described being attacked by up to 10 men.

Police treating the incident seriously and have launched a full criminal investigation

Pattaya police are taking the man’s report extremely seriously and have begun a full investigation into the attack on the man who suffered a series of wounds to his head.

Senior officers have suggested that legal proceedings will be brought against those involved following their investigation.

Go-Go bar already closed

In the early hours of Monday, morning police went to the establishment but found that it was already closed. The bar has not yet been named but a representative of management has met with police to discuss the matter on Monday.

Police are also seeking to retrieve CCTV footage to determine the sequence of events that provoked what appears to be a vicious attack.

Appeal to tourists to call in police in any dispute situation that arises at a pub or entertainment venue

Pattaya police are also alerting all tourists and visitors to the city to immediately report to police any incident in a bar or venue that warrants their attention including any situation where a dispute develops concerning charges or conduct within any business open to the public.

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