The couple appeared extremely proficient at handling the situation until the Krabi rescue team arrived not long after and then cooperated with them. The foreign woman in her white bridal dress drew the attention of the public and her actions have been widely praised by Thai nationals online.

A foreign bride and groom let their wedding wait a while longer last Monday after the pair spotted an injured 21-year-old Thai man who had just been involved in a motorbike accident on the road in front of them.

Low-quality pictures taken from videos made of Jonathan and Sarah on Monday evening after they had coordinated and helped in the rescue of a Thai man involved in a serious road traffic accident in the Nong Thale sub-district of Krabi. They later went on to their wedding at Klong Muang Beach in Krabi.

A young foreign couple on their way to their wedding in Krabi on Monday became an internet sensation among Thai online netizens after a video of their actions when they came across a motorbike accident went viral in the kingdom.

The couple has not yet been fully identified but they told the man who made the video, Somsak Srijan, himself a former rescue unit volunteer, that their names were Jonathan and Sarah.

Instinctively rushed to the man’s assistance

Locals who witnessed the sequence of events by the roadside said that the couple came upon the accident which saw a Thai motorbike driver on the ground on a busy road and instinctively rushed out of their vehicle to help him.

The woman and the man displayed extraordinary confidence and poise in what they were doing and this inspiring sight drew the attention of the public.

Had surgical gloves and spoke English

They both appeared to have what appeared to be surgical type gloves. The woman, who spoke English, appeared to direct the operation to make the victim of the accident safe and secure before a rescue unit from Krabi arrived. 

Woman in her wedding dress organized the traffic to secure the scene of the traffic accident

Ao Nang police had been notified of the accident and the rescue unit was at the scene quite quickly. Before starting to work on the man, Sarah in her wedding dress, first took time to arrange the traffic so that the scene was secure as she went to work with her husband to be.

Foreign groom Jonathan held the injured man’s head

The foreign groom, Jonathan, held the Thai man’s head straight as the couple attended to the man. Another foreigner was also in attendance. Both the prospective bride and groom appeared to speak with an accent which suggests that they are from a British Commonwealth country such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada or even South Africa. They also appeared to have medical training.

Woman explained to rescuers the man’s condition

When the Krabi rescue team arrived, the foreign woman took time to explain to the rescuers some aspects of the injured man’s condition and the foreigners worked with the Thai rescue team to get the man off to the hospital without delay. 

The 21-year-old Thai man was suffering from a broken left leg caused by his violent collision with the other vehicle.

Motorbike crashed into turning pickup

The accident is reported to have happened after the dark grey Toyota pickup truck made a turn on the road and the motorbike driver crashed into the driver’s door and was flung onto the road.

His motorbike was observed with its lights on near the pickup truck.

On their way to Klong Muang Beach for their wedding when the spotted the accident and rushed to help

After the injured man had been taken away to the hospital, the couple revealed that they were on the way to Klong Muang Beach for their wedding.

They both appeared genuinely delighted with having been able to assist the 21-year-old man. The young man’s inquiries, thankfully, were not life-threatening.

Amid the current coronavirus emergency situation in Thailand which has seen tension and concern rise at the risks associated with tourists and from other countries as well as a growing incidence of racism throughout the world towards Chinese and Asian people alike, the sense of compassion and positive cooperation evident on the side of the road in the Nong Thale sub-district of Krabi on Monday is surely an inspiration for all of us at this time.

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