BANGKOK: The bank, in a statement on Sunday, said it was taking the step following the official announcement by the Ministry of Public Health on Thursday designating 6 countries or territories as high-risk zones under the Communicable Disease Act of 2015. It announced it was acting in line with its civic duty to help protect the Thai public and the fight against the spread of the threat.

One of Thailand’s top banks has suspended its retail foreign currency services, popularly used by tourists and visiting foreigners to the kingdom, due to the coronavirus emergency.

All of Kasikorn Bank’s popular retail foreign exchange services have been suspended indefinitely since last Sunday at 5 pm. The bank, one of Thailand’s leading financial institutions, has also quarantined its retail foreign exchange staff for 14 days. Government agencies and partners have been notified.

One of Thailand’s leading consumer and commercial banks has suspended all foreign currency services being offered through retail channels at its branches nationwide and the bank’s well-known network of kiosks throughout the kingdom.

The announcement came last Sunday and went into force from 5 pm that day.

The bank referenced an order issued by the Ministry of Public Health on Thursday announcing official high-risk control zones and said it was taking this bold action as part of its civic duty to help protect the Thai public and do its part to halt the spread of the dangerous infection.

Closed a branch in Laem Chabang, Chonburi last week for 24 hours following a visit from an Italian man who later tested positive for the coronavirus

Last week, one of the bank’s branches in Chonburi’s port city of Laem Chabang was shuttered after it was found to have been used by an Italian customer who later tested positive for the Covid 19 coronavirus.

The bank’s notifications said that the suspension of foreign exchange services was for an indefinite period until the coronavirus emergency recedes significantly.

All currency exchange staff ordered into quarantine

The bank has also ordered all it staff working within the foreign exchange service, to quarantine for 14 days again citing guidelines issued by Thailand’s Department of Disease Control.

The bank stressed, in its statement, that no employee of the leading financial institution had contracted the deadly virus.

Government authorities and partners notified

Kasikorn Bank confirmed that it had notified the Thai Ministry of Public Health and the Department for Disease Control as well as the Bank of Thailand of its decision.

It had also notified its partners, the King Power Group and the Airports of Thailand company, through whom it provides part of its network of convenient money changing facilities at leading Thai airports including Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang and Phuket International.

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