A patient in an ambulance was expelled from the vehicle into oncoming traffic on a busy Bangkok street on Tuesday. Video of the incident has been viewed 1 million times in 24 hours. Female patient’s life saved by motorcycle riders who stopped, shielded and helped the driver of the vehicle.

A viral video online shows a shocking incident on Tuesday morning during which a patient on a stretcher was catapulted from the back of an ambulance while travelling at speed through Bangkok.

The incident on Pracha Uthit Road in the Thung Khru area of southwest Bangkok lasted under a minute but it must have been terrifying for the patient. The back door of the ambulance popped open and the stretcher was spilt into oncoming traffic.

For most people, a trip in an ambulance is a traumatic event usually resulting either from an accident or a medical emergency. For a Thai woman on Tuesday morning, the experience was, even more, horrifying than that.

As the emergency vehicle sped through the Thung Khru district of Thailand’s capital on Pracha Uthit Road, in the south-west of the sprawling metropolis, the back door suddenly popped open and her stretcher landed onto the road confronting oncoming traffic.

Ambulance picked up speed before ejection

The incident happened when the ambulance with flashing lights appeared to pick up speed as it negotiated traffic on the busy road.

The woman on the stretcher was lucky not to have been killed.

Several motorbikes halted swiftly and provided a screen to the helpless woman.

Driver raced from the vehicle frantically

The driver of the van raced from the vehicle in a panicked state and together with 3 or 4 people who had dismounted from motorbikes managed to lift the stretcher.

After some jerking about, the team, assembled by chance, managed to get it slotted back in. 

The door was closed and the driver rushed back to his hot seat and drove the rescue vehicle off again at speed heading for hospital.

Motorbike rescuers momentarily bewildered

The incident left the motorbike riders who had assisted the ambulance standing momentarily bewildered as they contemplated what had just happened.

Video of the incident has gone viral and by Wednesday had already generated 1 million views.

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