Mr Natapanu Nopakun of the Covid 19 Administration Centre made the announcement at a regular news conference today. He said a formal announcement would follow shortly on an extension to the visa amnesty for foreign tourists which expires on July 31st.

A spokesman for the Thai government’s Covid 19 Administration Centre, on Friday, indicated that a grace period following the expiration of the current visa amnesty for stranded foreigners was being considered with a proposal being drafted.

Covid 19 Administration spokesman Natapanu Nopakun indicated on Friday that a visa amnesty may still be in the offing at today’s regular briefing and said that an announcement may come soon from the Immigration Bureau.

On Friday, Mr Natapanu Nopakun, speaking in his role as a spokesman for the Centre for Covid 19 Situation Administration, indicated that a proposal for a third extension to the current visa amnesty, which expires on July 31st, is being studied and drafted.

Mr Natapanu indicated this on July 3rd last but recent pronouncements by senior immigration officials have poured cold water on the prospect of any extension.

The new announcement is not be ing viewed as an extension but a grace period allowing foreigners to leave the country or regularise their immigration status under existing laws.

Key civil servant liaising with foreign missions says standby for an updated statement on extension

The senior civil servant, who has been a key contact point for foreign embassies, in his role as deputy spokesman with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, suggested that an announcement would be made shortly through Thailand’s Immigration Bureau.

Any proposed extension would have to, first of all, be approved by the cabinet. Unconfirmed reports suggest that suspension of enforcement being considered would be until September 26th next.

The visa amnesty was first introduced on April 7th following the State of Emergency on March 26th until April 30th and was extended in May until July 31st.

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