Bizarre Pattaya kidnap hoax collapses. UK tourist’s deception unravels with elite and heavily armed Hanuman commandos. Ian Day was arrested with accomplices at an illegal party in the notorious sex city. Scam to fund holiday jollies in Thailand foiled. Illicit drugs and firearms were found. It was a hairy end to a desperate plot.

An Englishman and three foreign friends are being detained by police in Pattaya. It comes following a dramatic raid on a drug party by heavily armed police in the resort city. The raid, led by elite ‘hanuman’ commandos, came in response to international police reports. Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) was informed that Mr Ian Day was being held by dangerous, armed kidnappers. Instead, police found four men, illicit drugs and arms in the midst of a party. In short, the gang stage-managed the deception of Mr Day’s family in the United Kingdom in an effort to have funds transferred to allow them to continue holidaying in Thailand.

Scenes from a raid last weekend by Hanuman commandos on an apartment in Pattaya. Four men were arrested, including two UK nationals, a French man and one from New Zealand. They face charges including illicit drug possession, firearms offences and attempting to obtain money through deception.

In a bizarre story from Pattaya, Thailand, a 48-year-old British tourist, Ian Day, was arrested last weekend for orchestrating his own kidnapping.

Afterwards, police investigators learned that it was a pathetic attempt to extort money from his family back in the United Kingdom. 

UK men colluded with French and New Zealand nationals in wild scheme involving terrifying videos of Mr Day, the alleged victim, being violently attacked

The elaborate scheme involved collaboration with three accomplices. In turn, these included 57-year-old Darren Cheeseman also from the UK and 50-year-old Damien Roche from France. Finally, the scheme also involved 36-year-old Ben Cooper, from New Zealand.

Previously, Day’s family in the UK received distressing FaceTime calls from their loved one. In short, video content showed him being viciously attacked and injured. 

Afterwards, in a panic, they reported the situation to British authorities. The British police, in turn, informed Interpol, which involved the Thai police in an effort to trace the man.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak Saengcha is a lead investigator at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB). In brief, he revealed that Day used iMessage and FaceTime to communicate with his family.

He sent staged content of himself being assaulted and battered. Shockingly, these depicted his friends wearing masks and acting as if they were gangsters in disturbing video footage.

Worried family raised the alarm among UK security services who reached out to Interpol and at length to Thailand’s security agencies and finally the CIB

‘He staged the kidnap and asked his family to send money. They were worried and contacted police in the UK. Interpol was informed. Interpol contacted Thai police, and we traced the man. But when we arrived, they were having a party,’ disclosed Police Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak.

Upon arriving at the scene, Thai authorities discovered that the alarming situation was nothing more than a ruse. Meanwhile, it turned out that the group were indeed engaged in illegal activities. There was a drugs party underway when heavily armed police stormed the apartment.

Police Major General Montree Theskhan, is commander of the Crime Suppression Division. In turn, he confirmed the four men were arrested on charges of jointly possessing unauthorised firearms, ammunition, and illicit drugs.

However, he emphasised the swift action taken due to concerns for Day’s safety. In addition, he was clear the British tourist would now face prosecution for his deception.

Four men face charges for overstaying their visas as well as other offences linked to illicit drugs, firearms and finally obtaining money through deception

In addition to facing charges related to the fake kidnapping, the men face prosecution for overstaying their visas.

In the meantime, they face jail time in Thailand. After that, authorities plan to deport them once legal proceedings are completed. As of now, all four individuals remain in police detention in Pattaya.

The incident reached the highest levels in Thailand after Day’s family reported the kidnapping. Top officials were informed of a potential international incident based on reports from UK police.

Police Lieutenant General Jirapop Phuridej, Commander-in-Chief of the Central Police Bureau subsequently became involved.

He personally received the report from Mr Day’s family in England via Interpol.

As a result, he directed an investigative team with the Crime Suppression Division to locate the man.

In short order, the CIB found out that Mr Day was staying in an apartment in Soi Nong Prue 13. This is located in the heart of Pattaya City, a notorious resort famous for its swinging sex industry.

They sent in the special and highly armed operations team ‘Hanuman’ to secure the area. Officers anticipated coming to close quarters with the armed and violent ransom gang.

Men found with firearms and illicit drugs. Police also learned the four had been living in Thailand for an extended period of time

However, upon arrival, the commandos discovered that Day was taking drugs with his three Western companions.

Finally, they saw there was no evidence of a kidnapping but still, firearms and drugs were discovered in the room.

An initial arrest was made on charges of  ‘jointly possessing category 1 narcotics (methamphetamine), jointly possessing firearms and ammunition, and being an alien whose permission to remain in the Kingdom has expired’. The men now face further charges for conspiracy to obtain money by deception.

According to the investigation, Day and his three companions had been living in Thailand for an extended period. 

The men ran out of money.

Day therefore devised a scam to mislead his family into believing he had been kidnapped. Later, a ransom was demanded, hoping they would send money to extend his sojourn in Thailand. 

Cautionary tale for those in Thailand without resources

This bizarre incident sheds light on the desperation some tourists face in Thailand. It is a similar story to the escapade of two Finnish men in December 2023.

At length, the two men were also apprehended by police. Similarly, the pair who entered Thailand in June 2023, overstayed their visas. They had tried to extort €7,000 from their parents at home in Helsinki.

Certainly, the story underscores the consequences of resorting to illegal and deceitful actions to address financial problems in Thailand.

The kingdom is known for its strict laws and its courts take a firm stance against such activities. 

Undoubtedly, the men who engaged in the illegal charade can expect to suffer serious legal consequences. Afterwards, they will be deported and banned from re-entering Thailand.

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