A senseless attack could easily have taken the life of a 44 year old Australian man on Friday morning when he was attacked over a dispute involving a T Shirt. A Thai man has been charged with attempted murder and carrying a knife but claims he acted in self defense. Local police report that the Australian has been moved from intensive care at the local hospital. His condition is now stable although doctors have advised that he needs rest.

An Australian man who intervened to assist a Thai woman being attacked by a 28 year old man attempting to remove a T Shirt from her by force in a local bar was attacked early Friday morning. The 28 year old Thai man claims that the T Shirt was the property of his girlfriend and that the owner had failed do pay for it. He has been arrested and charged by Thai police but claims self defense. Luckily, the Aussie has been released from intensive care and is now reported to be stable at the local hospital.

A 28 year old Thai man was arrested later by Thai police and is already facing charges in connection with the incident. The Australian man was attacked by him at ‘Monster’s Bar’ in the idyllic village of Khao Lak in what was a frenzied knife attack that saw the Aussie receive up to 12 seperate injuries although he still remained conscious. Initial police reports suggest he was defending a Thai woman who was being assaulted by a 28 year old Thai man named as Chanin Intharon (above), who intended to remove a T Shirt he claimed belonged to his girlfriend as the woman had failed to pay for it. Police report that the Australian is now in stable condition in hospital having first being admitted to intensive care with his injuries.

A 44 year old Australian man was viciously attacked with a six inch blade on Friday in the southern Thai province of Phang Nga. The Aussie is reported to be have been the subject of a frenzied attack by a young Thai man following a fracas at a local bar.

Incident occurred at ‘Monster’s Bar’ in the idyllic coastal village of Khao Lak in Phang Nga

The shocking incident occurred at an establishment known as ‘Monster’s Bar’ in Khao Lak, a tourist friendly idyllic seaside location in the heart of the of the coastal Thai province on the Andaman Sea. The attack left the Australian man still conscious in an injured state on the floor of the bar. The man has been named as Wayne William Marks.

Local police station notified at 12.50 am Friday

Following the attack, the local Thai police station was notified at 12.50 am on Friday morning. The police provided a summary of the the results of their investigation which is still at an early stage. It appears that the attacker was a Thai man named as 28 year Chanin Intharon. He had parked his motorbike outside the bar just before closing time for the pub. The Thai man approached three people on the bar including a Thai woman and two men one of whom was Aussie Wayne William Marks.

Man demanded the woman in the bar remove her T Shirt as it was the property of his girlfriend

The Thai man demanded that the woman remove the T shirt she was wearing. He said that the garment was the property of his girlfriend and that the wearer had not provided payment for it. This information was provided by Major Charan Srisarak of Khao Lak Police Station who is working on the investigation. The Thai woman replied to the man that she would return the shirt later. She explained that she was unable to remove it immediately as she was in public. Police have disclosed the Thai woman’s names as Kamonthip Nambut.

Australian man intervened to defend the Thai woman from physical attack by the local man

It appears that, following this, the Thai man attempted to remove the T Shirt from the woman by physical force. At that point, the Australian man intervened in order to protect Kamonthip Nambut. He is reported to have openly confronted the Thai man. After the Aussie managed to control and subdue the Thai man, the 28 year old local suddenly drew a knife. He proceeded to attack the Australian who received injuries to abdominal area, arms, back and collarbone. The local police officer, Major Srisarak, confirmed to reporters that the Australian man had received up to 12 seperate injuries.

Aussie found on the ground in a bloody mess with 12 stab wounds but sill conscious

When Thai police arrived on the scene, they found the Aussie lying on the ground. He was suffering from his injuries and lacerations but still conscious. Emergency services removed the 44 year old to Takua Pa Hospital for urgent medical attention.

28 year old Thai man arrested by Thai police but claims self defense for his actions

The 28 year old Thai man was arrested later by Thai police. He was found in front of a local nightclub in the village called the Build Factory. He admitted stabbing the Australian man but claimed to police that he only acted in self defense. ‘We are still investigating to uncover the full details of the incident,’ Major Srisarak told reporters. He said that the police were now beginning the process of interviewing further witnesses at the scene of the attack and prior events.

Thai police have charged the young man who is being held in custody by a local court but are still investigating the incident

The police have, however, already charged the Thai man and he is being held by the local provincial court pending the outcome of their enquiries. He has been charged by authorities with attempted murder and carrying a knife in public. The Thai police major revealed that luckily, the Australian’s conditions was now stable at the local hospital and that he had been removed from intensive care. Police are going wait before interviewing him as doctors have advised the the 44 year old needs rest after his ordeal.