The Chinese couple and their host were travelling through central Bangkok in the luxury car of the Thai Chinese business leader when he stopped the vehicle to relieve himself. The 53-year-old Chinese man was drunk and found a firearm near the seat in the car. While examining it, it went off and hit his 23-year-old girlfriend in the chest.

On Monday night, a Chinese tourist to Thailand was killed by her boyfriend when a gun he was examining in the back of a friend’s car discharged hitting her in the chest. She died later in hospital.

Police examine the luxury Toyota Vellfire car in Bangkok following the tragic shooting of a 23-year-old Chinese women on Monday night in the vehicles which led to her death later at Nakornthon hospital.

A 23-year-old Chinese tourist was killed by her boyfriend on Monday night as they returned from a party with a friend in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok. The incident happened after the car stopped on the motorway as the owner ferrying the couple got out to relieved himself on the side of the motorway. He heard a shot from within his car.

Returned to the car to find woman seriously injured

When he returned to the car he found that the young woman was covered in blood and bleeding heavily. She had been shot in the chest area.

A woman named as 23-year-old Zhan Anting

The woman has been named by police as Zhan Anting and died shortly after arrival at Nakornthon hospital following the tragic event which police are currently investigating. 

Police were notified of the shooting after the young woman’s arrival at the hospital. When police officers arrived there, they encountered the 52-year-old boyfriend of the victim in an emotional state outside the emergency room. He was crying. Police also formed the view that the Chinese man was drunk. He has been named as 53-year-old Zeng Ventao.

Police interviewed a Thai Chinese businessman

They also interviewed 44-year old Mr Wichai Maneekitikun, the car owner and a friend of the couple. It is reported that Mr Wichai is the president of the Thai Chinese trade and industry association. He told police that he was taking the couple back to their condominium on Rama III road from the hotel where they had attended a party in Pathumwan in his luxury midnight blue Toyota Vellfire car.

53-year-old Chinese man and his girlfriend were visiting Thailand as tourists this week

The industry leader confirmed to police that the 53-year-old Chinese man who is a tourist in Thailand along with his girlfriend was quite drunk. It appears that while Mr Wichai was out of the car his male guest had found a 9mm firearm which the businessman kept in a compartment in the passenger seats for protection.

The Chinese man was reported to be playing with the gun when it discharged hitting his 23-year-old partner in the chest with a single round. Mr Wichai told the police that the gun belonged to him.

Both men taken in for questioning

Police took both Mr Zeng and Mr Wichai in for questioning at more length on the matter before deciding if there may be appropriate charges.

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