French man died a Chalong Hospital from what doctors say were severe head injuries. He never regained consciousness after the forceful collision with the ATV in the centre of Phuket.

A French man on a motorcycle has been killed in Phuket after being hit by an ATV vehicle ridden by an American woman. The fatal accident occurred on Thursday night and is being investigated by police.

A police officer inspects the TV vehicle ridden by 39-year-old American Onome Alero Adeosun which crashed into a black motorbike ridden by an 82-year-old French man in Phuket on Thursday evening leading to his death later in Chalong Hospital.

An 82-year-old Frenchman was killed in the Mueang area of Phuket on Thursday night after his motorbike was hit forcefully by an All-Terrain vehicle which had careered out of its driver’s control.

The man has not been named by police as they reach out to relatives to notify them of his death.

He was found unconscious on the road near his black motorbike which had been severely damaged by the heavy, mud-covered ATV.

Rescue workers give the man CPR at the scene

Rescue services at the scene attempted to give the man CPR but could not revive him.

He was transported to the local Chalong hospital together with the driver of the ATV vehicle, an American woman.

The 39-year old American was named by police as Onome Alero Adeosun. She also suffered serious injuries in the collision reported to be a broken right arm and leg as well as her collarbone.

Police traced the ownership of the ATV to a legal entity identified as the Paradise Trip Co.

Man dies from severe head injuries in hospital

At Chalong Hospital, medics diagnosed the French man with severe head injuries. He never regained consciousness and died shortly after arriving at the medical facility. 

His body was later transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital where a post-mortem was ordered.

The American was removed to Siriroj Hospital for further treatment and care.

Investigation opened by police into the death of the Frenchman – ATVs are illegal on Thai public roads

Police have opened an investigation into the fatal accident. They understand from initial queries that the American lost control of the vehicle which led to the crash.

The investigation will first of all look at the licensing situation in respect of both vehicles and where the ATV was being driven before it lost control.

Police will also be looking to see if the deceased man was riding his motorbike legally particularly if the motorbike was rented from a third party.

The fatal accidents occurred on a public road where it is illegal to drive an ATV vehicle in Thailand.

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