Ceremony and parade held at the Thai Army Cavalry Centre in Saraburi this Saturday. The first such occasion since the King’s coronation in May.

The Thai King was in Saraburi on Saturday where members of the armed forces and the police took part in a parade to celebrate armed forces day.

His Majesty the King on Saturday addressed 6,812 members of the armed forces and police officers as he oversaw a parade in Saraburi. After accepting an oath of allegiance, the Monarch urged them to commit themselves to the service of the country and even to make sacrifices as they put duty first.

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn oversaw a military parade held at the Thai army’s cavalry centre situated in Saraburi province on Saturday.

As part of the proceedings, over 6,800 members of the armed forces and policemen swore an oath of allegiance to the Thai Monarch.

King expressed satisfaction with the unity seen 

In an address to those who took part, the King expressed satisfaction with the cohesion and unity of the troops and police officers who took part in the proceedings which included military vehicles and aircraft from the Royal Thai Air Force.

He urged them to apply this sense of commitment as well as loyalty to their work and duties promising that the country would be made stronger because of it. 

Urged those who took part to put the country first

The king implored his audience to serve the country first even if it entailed, at times, making personal sacrifices.

The parade was held to celebrate the Royal Thai Armed Forces Day. It was the first such occasion since the coronation of the 67-year-old monarch last May and attendant celebrations in Bangkok.

Queen and Princess also in attendance

The King was accompanied at the parade and ceremonies by Her Majesty Queen Suthida and Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendiradebyavati.

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