Witnesses at the scene saw the man’s motorbike weaving on the road as it rode up an incline towards the Phra Sumen Fort and later heard a bang from the crash.

A young man was killed this morning in Bangkok when he lost control of his motorbike at speed and was catapulted onto a buttress of one of the city’s oldest forts in Phra Nakhon.  

Rescue workers remove the body of 31-year old Sermpol Kit-Ngam from the scene of the fatal accident at the bottom of the walls for Phra Sumen Fort in the Phra Nakhon in the early hours of this morning.

The 31-year old Thai man lost his life in the early hours of the morning after his Honda Click motorbike appears to have hit a curved footpath in the road near the city’s famous white walled Phra Sumen Fort, in the heart of what is one of the oldest districts of Bangkok.

Police from Chana Songkhram responded to the scene after receiving reports of a damaged bike in the middle of the road.

They found the motorcyclist lying covered in blood near a concrete extension of the fort.

It appears that the man’s motorbike hit the curved footpath around the fort which catapulted him with force into a buttress at the bottom of the fortification.

Severe skull fracture with a broken helmet

Medical experts at the scene reported that the motorcyclist suffered a severe skull fracture from the impact. He was wearing a white motorcycle helmet which was also split by the force of the collision.

The accident occurred at approximately 4 am.

The man has been named as Sermpol Kit-Ngam. He was wearing a blue polo shirt over jeans and jacket with long sleeves. He was also carrying a backpack.

Attempted to give the man CPR for 30 minutes

When police and responders arrived at the scene, attempts were made to give the man CPR which lasted for 30 minutes but he did not respond and was pronounced dead.

Officers at the scene noted that the crash had left some of the cement work on the fort’s wall broken off.

31 year old found collapsed in blood at the bottom of the wall of the historic fort in old Bangkok

There were several eyewitnesses to the accident.

One said that he saw the man coming up the hill towards him at speed after emerging from a bridge. The motorbike appeared to be weaving in the road as it came on at speed even though there was an incline. 

There followed a loud bang which saw the man collapsed at the bottom of the fort‘s wall near a protrusion and his motorbike lying in the middle of the road, severely damaged on one side.

The body of the Mr Sermpol was removed to Vajira Hospital. His relatives were being contacted by the police to make funeral arrangements.

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