Jenro Deena was maddened by the effects of alcohol and the refusal of his 19-year-old girlfriend Supaporn Nunil to return home this week from her mother’s home in another village.

A Thai man last Wednesday was taken from the scene of his home as it went up in flames by police laughing. He had set it aflame himself. It is believed the 35-year-old man committed the act because his younger girlfriend had left him earlier that morning.

Lom Sak police in Phetchabun Province on Wednesday took away a laughing 35-year-old Jenro Deena after he burned his home to the ground after his 19-year-old girlfriend refused to return home earlier in the day from her mother’s house.

A 35-year-old Thai man was arrested on Wednesday for setting fire to his home and taken into police custody for his own safety. Police Captain Sombun Krajang of Lom Sak Police Station in Phetchabun Province briefed the media.

Jenro Deena smiled and laughed in the back of a police pickup as he was driven away from his single-story home still in flames at approximately 5 pm in the evening. Onlookers and neighbours and neighbours looked on in absolute disbelief.

Lethal combination of alcohol and love

It has emerged the reason for the man’s demented and destructive behaviour was a lethal combination of alcohol and woman problems.

Mr Jenro had got up at sunrise and began a drinking a binge. This had prompted his 19-year old girlfriend with whom he was living at the house, to walk out.

19-year-old girlfriend returned to her mother’s home after the man began drinking alcohol

The young woman, who has been named as Supaporn Nunil, had travelled to her mother’s home in a nearby village.

The Thai man followed her begging her to return but the young woman spurned his requests saying that she did not feel safe with him at the house because of his drinking.

Restrained by neighbours while awaiting police

This resulted in the man returning and burning down his home.

Police and fire services were called to the scene of the blaze in time to protect the fire spreading to nearby houses which were quite close to the mad man’s home and at one point thought to be in danger.

During this time, the crazy man had to be restrained by his neighbours until he was finally handed over to police custody.

Held by police for mental health evaluation

Fire officers at the scene confirmed that the contents of Mr Jenro’s home including his furnishings and appliances were completely gutted by the fire which was eventually contained by firefighters.

Police were expected to hold the man until he sobered up and then to evaluate his mental health under Thailand’s mental health provisions which give senior police officers the power to order individuals sent to psychiatric institutions for a period of evaluation.

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